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Luxodrome concept includes two cycle tracks in one


August 14, 2012

Charles Wagner's bold concept for a figure eight velodrome (Image: Philipp Ohnesorge)

Charles Wagner's bold concept for a figure eight velodrome (Image: Philipp Ohnesorge)

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With his Luxodrome concept, architect Charles Wagner has put forward a novel take on the cycling velodrome, with two tracks side by side with adjoining lanes that form one long figure eight track.

The Luxodrome consists of separate 200 m and 250 m tracks, the latter being the requisite length for an Olympic-spec velodrome track.

The connection between the tracks requires diverging lanes, similar to a freeway interchange. A bridge and underpass are needed where the tracks overlap, meaning that the track includes inclines.

How these unusual features would affect established cycling events is a point for further consideration, but as a playground for cycling enthusiasts, the Luxodrome looks like tremendous fun.

Source: Charles Wagner, via Arch Daily

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The biggest problem is with the surface,If riders can pick up more speed then equaly there falls will result in higher burn injurys mostly. The surface would be best made of a materials which could allow normal competativness or faster but protect riders from falls.


Never going to happen. There's no point to this, other than a novelty aspect. Not to mention there would be hell to pay the first time a rider slammed into that divider and seriously injured himself.

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