'iMacify' your iPad with LUXA2's 360° adjustable dock


May 9, 2010

The LUXA2 H4 is a 360-degree adjustable holder for the iPad or Kindle

The LUXA2 H4 is a 360-degree adjustable holder for the iPad or Kindle

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One of the early complaints about the iPad (yes, some people have complaints!) is that it's surprisingly heavy and sometimes difficult to hold. In an effort to remedy that problem, LUXA2 (a division of Taiwanese company Thermaltake) has created one of the more clever iPad holders that we've seen to date.

The LUXA2 H4 is a 360-degree adjustable dock that takes advantage of the iPad's screen reorientation function. While in the dock, you can conveniently rotate your iPad to portrait or landscape mode. If you're sitting at a table with someone sitting opposite you, the H4 can be flipped to face away - though as the iPad can be viewed from many angles when flat, this "flip" function might not be the best way to share with friends.

Billed as a "universal ebook holder", it's clear from the company's press materials that iPad users are the target market. The holder is compatible with the Kindle DX and other tablet PCs of comparable size on the market today.

The design of the base looks strikingly similar to the base of an Apple iMac, so if that's the look you're going for then the H4 might just be for you. Like the iPad, it's constructed from aluminum, making these two a decent match. It weights just under a pound, making it heavy enough to stay put but not so heavy that you can't move it about the house with ease.

The LUXA2 H4 can be purchased through the online store for $US59.99, though it looks like there will be a number of international distributors for the product as well. See the where to buy page for country-specific details.

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Cool and nice design for all iPad users!

Donny Wong

No, thanks. Looks awful with all those protrusions around the screen.


Gadgeteer is right. But they have got the look of the base spot on!

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