Part artwork, part boat... literally!


November 12, 2010

The Love Love was built to look as if it is sinking

The Love Love was built to look as if it is sinking

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French artist Julien Berthier has designed a fully functional boat to look as if it is sinking. The 6.5m (21ft) yacht was cut in half with a new keel and motor added so it remains in the sinking position while being fully functional. He describes it as "the permanent and mobile image of a wrecked ship that has become a functional and safe leisure object."

Berthier has taken the boat (or should I say half-a-boat) across the English Channel to London and has toured it around Europe, getting plenty of offers of assistance from unwitting good Samaritans, who would presumably be either very annoyed or rather bemused by the contraption.

The designer and artist designed and built the floating installation in 2007. He named his creation Love Love.

All images and video courtesy of Julien Berthier.

Love Love from julien berthier on Vimeo.


Oh now this is special, lol

Facebook User


Michael Mantion

\"Part artwork, part boat...\" all a bad idea.

Yes, it\'s clever, but I have to ask how many times will other craft quickly change course to try and \'rescue\' the \'victims\' of a sinking.


Perhaps as a lake or a dock fixture this makes an interesting eye catching installation, but the fact that the guy is actually sailing it in open waters apparently willingly creating false alarm where-ever he goes, that\'s pretty dispicable. There is probably going to be a fantastic \'boy who cried wolf\' incident with this guy.


This has to be the lamest and things I have ever seen! Kind of reminds me of the boy who cried wolf...

Chio Choi

The term \"remaining fully functional\" - kind of crosses the line between a sailable and a fuel efficient design, a workable galley, bedding and a livable design - and a novelty piece of artwork.

Plus - the term \"Fully functional\" does not match with the idea of being in or on that boat, in a storm......

So while it looks interesting moored at the dock - I\'ll pass on it\'s usefulness.

Mr Stiffy

how do you sleep at night?

Lynda Fox

Dumbest concept I\'ve heard in weeks. How much money did he waste to make his boat look like it\'s sinking? I could have taken a wreck and punched a hole in it for MUCH less.

Take that into a storm, and let me know how long before it ACTUALLY sinks. You won\'t need to make sandwiches for long....

James Dugan

The inconsideration to other boaters that will come to assist is the crime here, he must think this is some great joke.

This thing is nothing more than a well built movie prop now

Facebook User

Just about the dumbest concept I\'ve ever heard of .... some people have way to much time on their hands ...... I will give the artist credit for creating something memorable.


del baumgartner

This is funny!

Brett Vickers

Very very inconsiderate. Obviously people will believe you need help; and you do not. This is going too far!


As I stated at another website that showed this: How often will emergency rescue services be called out when people don\'t realise that it\'s an \"artwork\". Foolish and doesn\'t add anything to the \"water picture\" d;-)


You just wait until another designer makes a car or an airplane that looks crashed )))

In the coming years you won\'t be able to tell a wreck from trip LOL

Михаил Финогенов

Unique/ yes! Smart? No! Especially if he operates it in open ocean which is no place to be \"April fooling\" around. In that case it is inconsiderate to all boaters who come rushing in with compassion only to be fooled. Ha ha ha ha, it\'s a joke, get it? He going to piss off one too many people and come across the one person who may sink his boat with him on it then sail away! Then the jokes on him!

Will, the tink

It is no more than a big waste to create a dumb prank. This is where the definition of stupidity applies - just because you can, doesn\'t mean that you should.

Facebook User

Clever engineering, but the guy\'s an inconsiderate jerk. If I saw this boat, of course I would change course to render aid or rescue the guy. And I would not be amused when he laughs like a honking goose at the cleverness of his own prank.

Michael Roberts

You complainers need to lighten up. How many wrecked boats can make five knots astern?

Repeat after me - \"This is very funny.\"

There, doesn\'t that feel better instead of that self-righteous, judgmental crap?


Not a Bad idea, I have sailboats that will sink ,are cut in half,and have a few leaks in them. Its all in fun and a sailboat on the side of the road going down in a drainage ditch is a real eye catcher !!

Facebook User

For those that are not familiar. Maritime law requires sailors to draw to and provide assistance. Read that again. Law requires. Any vessel seeing him will have to investigate to then determine it\'s a \"cute\" custom design? He should be required to pay for any cost of course changes for his prank.


Only the French...he\'s probably figured out a way to have sex on it as well - in the name of art!

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