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LoungePac chair is designed for the professional beach bum


March 12, 2013

The LoungePac in both its open and closed states

The LoungePac in both its open and closed states

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Hanging out on the beach sometimes doesn't consist solely of, well, hanging out. A true beach bum knows that having to get up to get a drink or having to leave the beach altogether because of sunburn is just not acceptable. A new chair called the LoungePac is aimed at keeping those things from proving necessary.

The LoungePac is a 22-pound (10-kg) chair that is packed with all kinds of gadgets and goodies for loungers. To start, it transports on wheels in a fashion similar to that of rolling luggage. It folds out from its transport state in about ten seconds, and is then ready to go.

A 360-degree umbrella mount is installed, and the umbrella slides right into the slot when the chair is unfolded. The chair also features a cooler with cup holders for keeping drinks close at hand. The chair's leg support can be removed, plus it features a pillow on the back for some added comfort. Last but not least, the LoungePac also comes with a removable tote bag.

The back of the chair is adjustable from straight up to laying down. The aforementioned pillow can be removed to allow loungers to read a book while looking through a face hole.

The retail price of the LoungePac is US$259, and it is available now through Amazon.

The video below demonstrates the process of unpacking the chair.

Source: LoungePac via 7 Gadgets

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Those wheels were not designed for the beach, or any other surface that isn't smooth and man-made.

Cost? Ridiculous.

Idea? Cool.

Sales? A pipe dream.

Joseph Boe

No wonder Americans are addicted to large SUVs, just look at all the crap we need to haul around! Let's see...I can haul a family of seven while shoving seven of these whiz-bangs in the cargo area. Hallelujah!

Fahrenheit 451

Unbelievable. Over $200 and not an armrest in sight! (A cooler bag at seat level is not an armrest!)

Dax Wagner

Yes, my wife might but one of these for me and my first words would be 'where are the arm rests?"


Oh so close.Needs those "jogging stroller" wheels...a slightly larger umbrella that can deal with Nevada sun-with a solar panel for charging would be nice...and stop me if you've heard this before: ARM RESTS. Bonus points for figuring out a functional tray set up to rest food or tablet device on.


Yup, no arm rests, and price? $259 for a beach chair? And all it comes with is an umberella and a cool bag? Did I miss something in the sales pitch?

Oh, ya - ONLY 22lbs!! hahahaha


The price is the problem...everything falls apart at the beach with the sand and salt in every crevice. So (in Northeast) 2 months of use (translates into 8 weekends) in reality 10-12 times used and then it falls apart. I'll pay 40 bucks max!

Gregory Gannotti
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