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Lotus Range Extender Engine headed for market


June 27, 2010

Lotus' Evora 414E Hybrid concept features the Range Extender Engine

Lotus' Evora 414E Hybrid concept features the Range Extender Engine

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Lotus Engineering has announced plans to develop its Range Extender Engine for series production. First shown at the 2009 Frankfurt Motor Show, the Range Extender is a 1.2 liter, three-cylinder engine designed specifically for series hybrid vehicles.

Producing 35 kW (48 PS/47 hp) of power at 3,500 rpm and weighing just 56 kg, the Lotus Range Extender runs on alcohol-based fuels and/or gasoline and provides power to an electric drive system via an integrated generator which charges the batteries.

The low weight is achieved through an innovative aluminum monoblock construction which the cylinder block, cylinder head and exhaust manifold are produced in one casting.

The engine made an appearance at the Geneva Motor Show this year in both the Lotus Evora 414E and Proton's plug-in hybrid city car.

Lotus Engineering is collaborating with and Fagor Ederlan to bring the powerplant to market. No details yet as to the timing of its introduction.


Now we are talking.... finally somebody has got it right... companies are spending millions of dollars trying to extend the battery life of electrics. Bigger batteries, ultrcapacitors, etc. The answer is right before our eyes. Extend the range of an electric vehicle with a small generator. Regardless of how the generator is powered so long as it is an outside power, gas, diesel, vetgetable oil, whatever, it will dramatically improve the overall performance of the electric vehicle. 200 to 300 mile range and 200 mpg now possible. Mabe not the ultimate solution, but definately a good solution for the next ten years. I am currently developing a solar electric hybrid vehicle and seeking a manufacturer who would like to partner with me on this project. If interested plese call me at 760-652-5290 or delbaumgartner@gmail.com Thank you gizmag for you excellent product. I enjoy it very much.


del baumgartner

I agree with mr del baumgartner. It\'s hard to build small generator. i have an idea. The power comes from kinetics. the potential energy comes from magnetic repulsion or attraction of vectors. potential energy to produce energy for turning the rod is connected to the generator. generator to produce electricity and trampled underfoot increased use of inverter to produce 240V electricity to drive electric motors. only problem now is that the rotation must be stabilized and constant rotation to produce stable electric supply.

Hadi Anwar

Suggest they install a Cyclone Engine (http://www.cyclonepower.com/) to capture waste heat from the engine so the fuel efficiency of the system increases. Suggest they also make the IC engine run on propane or butane (LPG) which is a lot cheaper and cleaner than gasoline. I imagine this set up would have to be installed in a larger vehicle though. It would be fantastic for urban buses which do a lot of stop and go driving and would help cut down on urban pollution. Make that double decker buses so the ratio of road space to passengers is optimized helping with the traffic congestion.

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