Looxcie wearable camcorder and social sharing system launched


October 1, 2010

The Looxcie Bluetooth camcorder records everything the wearer sees and can also share live content with friends and family via a smartphone app

The Looxcie Bluetooth camcorder records everything the wearer sees and can also share live content with friends and family via a smartphone app

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Looxcie (pronounced "look-see," get it?) is a small, lightweight, always-on, Bluetooth-enabled camcorder that links up with a smartphone app to offer users easy upload to social networking video sites. Slip it over the ear and switch on to begin documenting your life. When it's not recording everything in front of you, it can be used to take calls with a talk-time said to be around ten hours.

The Looxcie camcorder features dual processor technology that allows the device to simultaneously or independently operate video and talk modes. Weighing only one ounce (less than 28g), the Bluetooth Class 2 device has 4GB of onboard storage that's said to offer over five hours of video storage. Video is recorded to MP4 format in HVGA resolution at 15 frames per second through an f2.8 lens. Users simply have to switch the unit on to start recording. Video processing software developed by Looxcie is included to help optimize power use, automatically correct for light and color, and format video for mobile devices.

The 480mAh Lithium Polymer battery is claimed to give four hours of continuous video use or between six and ten hours talk-time, the latter benefiting from active noise cancellation technology, a call mute, and one-touch call control. The device has a wireless range of about 33 feet (10 meters) and is compatible with most Android 2.0 smartphones, including HTC's EVO, Motorola's Droid and Samsung's Captivate. Support for more smartphone operating systems is on the way.

Although Looxcie has a micro-USB for direct upload of clips to a computer, an app for smartphones has been developed that can be used a control center for recorded content and as a basic editing suite. However, there's also an auto share mode where live video feeds can automatically be sent to pre-configured friends and family. Memorable moments can also be emailed or uploaded to social networking sites like YouTube, Facebook and so on.

Romulus Pereira, CEO of Looxcie, said at the product launch: "We built Looxcie with the goal of freeing people to participate in life's moments as they happen, and to share their excerpts on the go, rather than wait until after the event and excitement has passed."

Looxcie is available now for a suggested retail price of US$199.

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These types of devices are going to have a massive market especially for tourists and sports related events. I\'ve been hoping someting like this would come out for a long time. Fortunately or unfortunately in about 10 years time almost everywhere you go and everything you do will be caught on video. We thought the 20th century saw massive technological strides... those were just basic technological advances. The next 50 we\'ll see stuff of science fiction.

Dana Lawton

Cool enough as it is -- it would be more awesome if this is paired with the HUD goggles...

with what you\'re video-ing is shown in your HUD... now thats a real look-see!

Antonio Ong

Yeah, with a heads-up-display hooked up you could actually watch events in your life as they actually happened...


Forget social media stuff - I can see many business uses of this device... say, technicians in the field, workers at refineries, etc. Along with a small wifi-enabled wearable PC, they could transmit video in real time back to a control station for repair guidance, reporting problems, etc., receive advice via audio, etc. Also good for security personell. In fact, it would provide a record, say of an arrest or a theft prevention stop at a store to prove later on that nothing illegal was done during the stop/search/etc. It would even be great for \"ghost hunters\".


i want one of these right now:D

Allen Clarke
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