The longest ever WRC jump


July 23, 2010

The best jumps - 2 through 10

The best jumps - 2 through 10

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The world’s longest ever WRC rally jump took place during April’s Rally of Turkey, when Sébastien Loeb's Citroen C4 left terra firma for an incredible 85 metres. The drivers call it getting “big air” and it’s that gravity-defying moment that separates rallying from other forms of motorsport that aim to keep their cars glued to the ground. Other motorsports occasionally see cars in the air, when it’s usually the prequel to a spectacular accident, but in rallying it’s simply the quickest method of getting from point A to point B. To celebrate six years at the top of the sport, Citroën has picked ten of its most spectacular gravity defying jumps ahead of next weekend’s Rally Finland.

These stunning photos were captured on events including New Zealand, Sweden, Italy, Norway and arguably the spiritual home of "big air" moments – Finland.

Commenting on his incredible Turkish jump, Loeb said: “It was an incredible sensation as we were up in the air for several seconds. Not for a moment did we imagine that we would jump so far.”

The Citroën Total World Rally Team has been competing in the FIA World Rally Championship since 2001 during which it has won five manufacturers titles and lead driver Sébastien Loeb has won six Drivers’ Championships to become the most successful rally driver in history.

The Frenchman heads into round eight of the 2010 championship in Finland with a 51 point lead over his closest rival and firmly in the hunt for a record seventh drivers’ crown. The Citroën Total World Rally Team also holds a 47 point lead in the Manufacturers’ standings.


\"in rallying it's simply the quickest method of getting from point A to point B\". Not necessarily. Time spent in the air is time slowing down with the wheels not driving. In bike racing, on both tarmac and dirt, the quickest riders \'pre-jump\' to reduce the amount of time they spend in the air, so they can get back to accelerating as quickly as possible. However, I have no idea if it\'s possible to \'pre-jump\' in a rally car..... PNB


Yeah? Well I bet Bo and Luke Duke could do a longer one...IN THE GENERAL LEE!

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