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Pump up the tablet jam with the Logitech Tablet Speaker for iPad


August 17, 2011

The Logitech Tablet Speaker for iPad gives the iPad some extra audio grunt

The Logitech Tablet Speaker for iPad gives the iPad some extra audio grunt

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It's a sad fact of life for tablet manufacturers looking to produce slim, portable devices that when it comes speakers, bigger is usually better - which is why so many people prefer to opt for headphones when using the devices rather than the decidedly lackluster in-built speakers found in most tablets. But if you're looking to use an iPad to provide some tunes at a get together, show off a game to friends, or just annoy your fellow passengers on public transport then Logitech's Tablet Speaker for iPad might provide the extra audio grunt you're looking for.

With a tubular form-factor that clips onto the back of an iPad by way of a rubberized clip designed to not scratch your iDevice, the Logitech unit won't do much for your iPad's slim lines, but it should provide an improvement to the iPad's built-in speakers. The Tablet Speaker won't drain your iPad's battery either as it packs its own rechargeable battery that provides up to eight hours of audio depending on use and can be recharged via USB.

The Logitech Tablet Speaker for iPad, which comes with a soft travel case, is expected to be released next month and will retail for 39.99 euro (approx. USD$57).

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Perfect for listening to streaming net radio stations in the bathroom while getting ready in the morning. Currently, can\'t hear the little iPad speaker while the shower is running.

Also, this might play out well to listen to tunes while in the garage working on the car, etc.

Might have to check this one out. It better have some volume, though!!


After the wireless keyboard and mouse, I was expecting a wireless DVD reader for the iPad in order to prove its almost absolute uselessness. Well, I was wrong. The designers of Logitech ingenuously invented a wireless speaker. So now your iPad is closer than ever of a laptop, but still can\'t do 2 things at the same time cause it runs on a phone OS.

Jeez, if I knew how to make as much money as Apple and Logitech by selling people things they already have or had...


Clip on and plug into the headphone socket? Surely it could have wirelessly streamed to the speaker pod, with the option of clip-on or standalone.

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