Logitech K480 keyboard lets you switch between devices


September 3, 2014

The Logitech K480 bluetooth keyboard allows users to connect to and switch between three different devices

The Logitech K480 bluetooth keyboard allows users to connect to and switch between three different devices

Today, our attention is increasingly shared between multiple devices. Constantly switching between devices can be a pain, so Logitech has unveiled a keyboard that aims to make the process more seamless. The Logitech K480 keyboard allows users to switch between three different devices for typing.

Logitech has a reputation for producing innovative peripherals. One of its recent offerings that Gizmag reviewed was the K830 living room keyboard, which allows users to control their computer-powered home entertainment system more easily than can be done with a remote control or an on-screen keyboard.

Like the K830, the K480 aims to make life easier for the user. It can be connected to up to three different devices via Bluetooth and is compatible with Windows, Mac and Chrome OS computers, as well as Android and iOS mobile devices. The device on which the user wants to type can then be selected by just turning the so-called "Easy-Switch" dial between one of three different positions.

An example of how the keyboard might benefit a user would be by allowing them to type a document on a work computer, switch to their personal smartphone to reply to a text message and then switch to their tablet to send a tweet. A cradle integrated into the keyboard itself also allows the user to stand their smartphone or tablet devices upright for easy viewing.

The Logitech K480 keyboard is expected to be available in the US and Europe from September 2014 for a suggested price of US$49.99.

The video below shows the Logitech K480 keyboard in action.

Source: Logitech

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For people who have learned that thumbs cannot be used to do significant production on a tiny screen, no matter have much CPU power the device has. Hopefully there is a wireless mouse to go with this multiplex keyboard. I have had the Logitech wireless mouse and wireless, illuminated keyboard for several years for my Desktop units. Would not function without them.

I am a Neanderthal, and I have an iPhone that I do not use partly since I am retired and no longer travel. I also use a phone primarily for phone calls. The tiny screens on these newer 'smartphone' devices renders them useless for complex, creative endeavors, though their CPUs now equal or exceed the PowerMacs we used for multimedia/3D/video editing 10+ years ago.

If your 'computing' regimen requires only e-mail, viewing adorable kittens or sending 'messages' in pre-intelligent e-slang, then a tiny screen will do the trick. Such a lilliputian view will, however, provide the degenerate stimuli for the now fabulously chic carpal tunnel syndrome. CTS can be avoided in most non hereditary or trauma situations by a simple Yoga exercise of about five minutes, a couple of times a day. Don't believe me? Try to 'thumb it up' on your smartphone with Google.

Robert Walther
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