Logitech announces ultra-thin iPad mini keyboard


February 5, 2013

Logitech's new Ultrathin Keyboard mini in white

Logitech's new Ultrathin Keyboard mini in white

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Logitech has just announced a new keyboard cover for the iPad mini, aptly named the Ultrathin Keyboard mini. To go along with its 7.3-mm (0.29-inch) thin form factor, Logitech has also focused on making the keyboard light enough to retain the iPad mini's portability. In fact, the keyboard cover weighs in at only 220 grams (0.48 lb).

Logitech boats a three-month battery life for its newest iPad Mini accessory. Of course, that is assuming an average of two hours a day usage, so your mileage may vary. Still, if the device was used for a full eight-hour work day, it would last about three weeks – that's quite solid, and substantially longer than the iPad mini's own battery.

Of course, to make this device fit the mini, it can't feature full-sized keys as you would see on a similar case for a regular iPad. Instead, Logitech has included what it calls "EasyType." With this, users get a traditional keyboard layout, with slightly smaller keys. The keyboard also includes function keys such as play, pause, copy, and paste.

As with most keyboards of this type, Logitech's new iPad mini keyboard cover connects to your device via Bluetooth. It also stands your iPad up in a comfortable viewing position, so even if you're not typing, you can watch videos on your device without holding it.

The cover portion of the keyboard is able to put your iPad to sleep and wake it up as you close and open the device. It also comes with a quick locking system that makes it easy to place your iPad mini in the cover and get to work.

Logitech expects to ship the new keyboard cover in the US and Europe sometime this month for US$79.99. It will be available in black and white in all territories, and red in certain countries, though Logitech did not specify which.

The video below from Logitech introduces the new Ultrathin Keyboard mini.

Source: Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard mini Product Page

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My Son got his Grandma the mini in November, first time we did not have to show up daily to fix issues, she does txt, email, browses the web, considering buying this for her birthday. She was born in 1926, she has found find friends in the app store, I LOVE IT, Apple rocks, sent from my windows 7 desk

Bill Bennett

FINALLY. Thanks for this pre-sale announcement ... found you on Google News this morning.

I bought the Logitech keyboard-case-cover for my full size iPad last spring and have been requesting information on a "mini" version since last October. Logitech gave no response or reply to our repeated requests for information on their consumer forum (, but there you go.

Just pre-ordered my mini keyboard cover this morning ... expecting it later this month.

No thanks to poor communication from Logitech, but I expect this product to be the same good quality as the full-size version.


If this actually is a battery booster as well... not perfectly clear in the article since there is no explanation in detail... then this is more than awesome.

Lewis Dickens

@Lewis, Just a keyboard and cover.

Dave LeClair
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