Logitech Broadcaster Wi-Fi Webcam is made for video bloggers


October 16, 2012

The Logitech Broadcaster Wi-Fi Webcam

The Logitech Broadcaster Wi-Fi Webcam

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Logitech has just introduced a new HD camera specifically geared towards vloggers. It is also designed to work with Apple products only, so Windows users will have to look elsewhere for their broadcasting goodness. It actually integrates with a Mac's existing webcam, so it can serve as a second perspective to bring more professional quality to live streamers and video bloggers.

The camera also works with iPhone and iPad for controlling and previewing videos. This is designed to make it easier to take the wireless camera around the room with you and record and stream more dynamic content to your viewers. Built-in webcams are okay for some jobs, but a lightweight, portable camera can create much more diverse content and can help take your videos to another level.

Switching between the built-in camera and Logitech's Wi-Fi camera is done with a single button press, so it is quick and easy to switch back and forth even during live broadcasts. It is capable of recording in 720p, which should further add to the professional feel of videos created with the webcam.

The Logitech Broadcaster Wi-Fi Webcam integrates with popular Mac apps for editing and recording. You can use QuickTime or Photo Booth to record, and iMovie or Final Cut Pro for editing the finished product. You can also use it to video chat with Skype, FaceTime , and iChat.

Logitech's new camera will hit the market later this month for US$199. The company plans on releasing the device in Europe and the U.S.

Source: Logitech

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