Logitech's new Z906 THX-Certified Surround Sound speakers


March 11, 2011

The Logitech Z906 TXH-Certified surround sound speaker system

The Logitech Z906 TXH-Certified surround sound speaker system

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Logitech has announced that its veteran digital 5.1 speaker system, the highly regarded Z-5500, is to be retired and replaced by a newer model at the end of the month. On the face of it, the upgrades to the new Z906 system appear to be purely cosmetic. It offers similar specs to its ancestor but loses out slightly on the total RMS output, although Logitech says that it will still shake your house. The system benefits from multi-source simultaneous digital and analog input, wire-free remote and room-filling Dolby and DTS surround sound technology.

Apart from the sleek new modern look and loss of 5 Watts of output power, the new Z906 system does benefit from a slight overhaul to the way audio sources are hooked up, and a slimming down of the infrared remote. Like its predecessor, Logitech's new flagship speaker system is THX-certified for quality assurance and comes with onboard Dolby Digital 5.1 and DTS decoding for theater-quality surround sound. The system also includes technology to convert two channel stereo output into so-called 3D stereo.

A ported, side-firing, distortion-free subwoofer takes 165W of the total 500 watts RMS output, with the remainder being equally shared between five satellite speakers. Users can connect up to six simultaneous audio sources to the newly-styled control console – which has been given a new easy-to-read display – including computers, music players, televisions, Blu-ray and DVD players, game consoles (users can now connect to the Nintendo Wii using the console's supplied AV cable) and other audio sources with digital optical, digital coaxial, RCA audio or 3.5 mm out.

The Z906 Speaker System will be available at the end of this month for a suggested retail of US$399.99.

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Gee the basic design of these is pretty long in the tooth! The Z5500s were awesome and had a 6 year run (at least) but I know they were a revision of the previous ones (z680s I think). The Z5500s had revised and improved connectivity and were slightly more powerful but not hugely better. What is it with Logitech? I\'ve got some x530s that have been around just as long and are sold along with the newer x540s. They do the job very well though so I guess if it ain\'t broke ...


Logitech builds great keyboards, and good mice, and some decent webcams. Beyond that, I sort of feel like they have a lot of \"okay\" stuff. I see a lot of Logitech speakers at Goodwill, though never as complete sets. For my money, I\'ll pick up several old box speakers second hand and a ten year old amp and beat out anything Logitech (or probably even Bose) is selling now. Also, $400 is too much for someone like me who wants good but not perfect sound, and it\'s not even close to enough to get the kind of stuff that real audiophiles get excited about. Combined with an obvious lack of restyling and the restriction of freedom to mix and match, this system comes up a little lacking for the high price tag.

Charles Bosse

People don\'t seem to understand what these are for.

These are meant to be cheap but good quality COMPUTER SPEAKERS. That\'s what logitech does, manufacture computer peripherals. These aren\'t made to replace your expensive studio equipment, they\'re made to use as speakers for a home/office/bedroom computer (or game console) that you just want to play games or listen to music on.

These are some of the cheapest speakers I\'ve seen that earned the THX certification. You can\'t beat the quality for the price. Sure a $2000 system will sound a hell of a lot better... but that\'s not the point.

Why do people have to be so stupid?...

Mike Calfin
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