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Logitech unveils four new 360-Degree Sound multimedia speaker systems


July 16, 2009

The Logitech Speaker System Z523

The Logitech Speaker System Z523

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Logitech has announced four new multimedia speaker systems featuring omnidirectional acoustics for a wider sound sweet spot. Unlike standard PC speakers that use forward-firing drivers, the four new Logitech multimedia speaker systems feature 360-Degree Sound courtesy of the forward and backwards facing drivers found in each satellite. Logitech claims this allows sound to be transmitted more consistently over a wider space to provide better sound when you drag yourself away from the desk.

The new releases include two stereo speaker systems, the Z320 and Z520, and two 2.1 setups with separate sub-woofers, the Z323 and Z523.

The Logitech Speaker System Z320 is the least powerful of the bunch providing 10 watts (RMS) of sound, which Logitech says should be ideal for laptops. The Z520 system includes on-speaker volume control and packs a little more power with 26 watts (RMS), making them a better option for music, movies and games.

For a bit more oomph you’ll of course be wanting a sub-woofer. The Z323 has 30 watts (RMS) of power and includes a ported, down-firing subby. It won’t shake the walls but should add a bit of fullness to the sound. The Z523 system adds an extra 10 watts to pack 40 watts (RMS) and includes a 6.5-inch down-firing sub-woofer as well as on-speaker controls.

The Z320 and Z520 come with a 3.5 mm auxiliary jack, while the sub-woofer inclusive Z323 and Z523 systems add an integrated dual RCA jack for easy connection of a gaming console, DVD player or the like.

The Logitech Speaker System Z320 and Z323 are expected to be available in the US and Europe in August and September respectively with both priced at USD$69.99. The Z520 and Z523 systems are due to hit stores in Europe and the US sometime this month for USD$129.99 and USD$99.99 respectively.

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