Locomotive Ranch Trailer Home expands on trailer-based living


July 21, 2013

The Locomotive Ranch Trailer Home (Photo: Paul Bardigjy)

The Locomotive Ranch Trailer Home (Photo: Paul Bardigjy)

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For some people, home may be wherever they park their trailer, but what if something more permanent is required? The recently-completed Locomotive Ranch Trailer Home by Andrew Hinman Architecture offers a blueprint for making an out of the ordinary trailer-based home by placing a vintage aluminum house trailer into a metal-roofed cradle and adding a large adjoining concrete blockhouse.

Located on a favored spot within the client's own South Texas ranch, the Locomotive Ranch Trailer Home boasts its own swimming and fishing hole, and a view of the Nueces River. However, due to the flood-prone nature of the area, simply sticking the trailer atop a hill wouldn't quite do.

To lift it above the flood-prone plain, Andrew Hinman Architecture placed the trailer into a steel cradle and added a simple metal-framed roofed structure around it. This lends a rather utilitarian look, and the home fits in well with the kind of small buildings and sheds one typically finds on a ranch.

The trailer and cradle joins onto a large concrete blockhouse, which includes utilities, storage, and a bathroom. The blockhouse also features a screened sleeping loft, and the area of the entire property measures 506 sq m (5,444 sq ft).

The interior of the trailer has been refurbished with bamboo wood panels, and the Ipê and Douglas Fir wooden decking is Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified. Interior lighting is provided by LEDs and mini-spotlights, and a rainwater-collecting feature is also integrated into the design.

Source: Andrew Hinman Architects via Arch Daily

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Delightfully done! If you want more acoustic privacy and better thermal performance use AAC.

Lewis Dickens

This dude is class trailer trash. I want one, but can't afford it.

Page Schorer

Well as I have my eye on A spartan that looks like yours I do like your idea.I have a dummied down plan that will cost 5 k making use of old corral panels at my beat up ranch. the Hanta virus sleeps with you in these old trailers...strip it? Jerry Kelly Bowie az


It looks really nice, and great location. I am not certain what the trailer is used for, especially since it does not seem to be mobile and was completely refurbed inside? Plus the five foot clearance above the trailer seems to be just dead space. Very pretty but somewhat odd.

Robert Walther
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