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Loc8tor ‘Lite’ makes losing your keys a thing of the past


January 22, 2008

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January 23, 2008 Loc8tor Ltd has released a new addition to its personal homing device range. Significantly smaller and lighter than previous models, the credit card sized Loc8tor Lite helps to find any lost or mislaid possessions and fits easily into a wallet or purse. Dubbed the Loc8tor Lite, the 6mm thick device, uses active RFID technology to guide users to within an inch of any tagged item using audio and visual cues to point users in the right direction. The unit can help locate lost possessions that are within 400ft (122 meters).

The Loc8tor Lite is supplied with 2 mini homing tags that are similar in height to a paper clip. The tags can be attached to almost anything from keys to pets using the key ring loop or the adhesive strips provided. These tags also give off an audio beep and flashing LED to further help in locating an item. An option to register two additional tags means that the Loc8tor Lite can locate up to 4 different items.

The Loc8tor Lite retails at USD$79.99.

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