LiteLocker lets you hide your Christmas lights when they're out of season


December 21, 2010

LiteLocker in its open and closed states

LiteLocker in its open and closed states

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Putting up outdoor Christmas lights is a hassle, especially if you end up doing it in the winter. It’s enough of a hassle that many people just put them up once and then leave them, but then they’re stuck with out-of-season lights on their house for the rest of the year. A Canadian company, however, has what it thinks is the solution to this problem in the form of LiteLocker. The lights used in the system stand out on display at Christmas time, but fold up and get hidden behind a protective cover once the New Year’s Eve hangover wears off.

LiteLocker comes in 4-foot (1.2-meter) lengths, that include the necessary wiring, sockets and light bulbs. The vinyl housing attaches to the underside of a house’s eavestroughs, and extends 1.5 inches (3.8 cm) beneath them. When the underside cover is pushed up, the hinged lights automatically swivel sideways for ... “hibernation,” for lack of a better word. When the cover is pulled down the following Christmas, the lights swivel back into place. If users really never want to climb a ladder again, a tool is available that allows them to open and close the covers from the ground.

The company website claims that the system is easily installed with simple tools, although from the looks of the installation instructions, it’ll help if users have a friend or neighbor who’s handy.

LiteLocker is available online, at a price of US$69.95 per 24-foot (7.3-meter) kit.

Via Dragon’s Den

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how about not putting them up in the first place? you will save 70 bucks per twenty four feet, won\'t have to waste money buying the lights, and the increased electricity bill when those suckers are on,, donate the money you save to a shelter and feel better, or put it in savings at ING Direct, an orange savings account and smile about money saved

Bill Bennett

No worries Bill Mc Grinchey Grinch.

Adam Nightingale

That has to be the dumbest invention I\'ve ever seen. You still have to climb up there to open the container to let the lights out. It also locks you into their ugly ass lights. Doesn\'t stop me from having to pull out a ladder and its $3.50 a foot? No thanks. For 3.50 I can buy 20 feet of Christmas lights thank you. Get off your already FAT ASSES and do something with your kids at Christmas. No wonder this was on Dragon\'s Den. That show is the worst staged bullshit I\'ve ever seen. By the way that video was shit. Someone should teach someone at that company what an instructional video is for.

Rocky Stefano

Actually if you read there website, it clearly states \"With our patent pending tool, you can open LiteLocker from the ground, eliminating the need to get out a ladder.\"

Its is basicly just a pole with a magnets end or a hook that opens it and closes it lol.

This product is targeted for old c**** who cant get up a ladder easily and are retired.

They dont mind paying hundreds for s*** because they dont have much time left here.

Stop disrespecting people, and I guarantee you will have more time to spend with your snaggletooth kids lol.


Hey, like it. Don\'t like it, fine. This is Christmas. There is never a good time to insult one another but Christmas time is the worst. Merry Christmas to all, even you Bill. BTW, Bill did have a valid point in donating to a charity instead. THAT\'S what Christmas is all about. Oh, yeah, before I go... May you all have a happy new year! One more thing... be careful out there, OK?

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