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LithiumCard portable charger is the size of a credit card


April 15, 2014

LinearFlux's new credit-card-sized LithiumCard portable charger

LinearFlux's new credit-card-sized LithiumCard portable charger

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There are plenty of portable phone chargers around, but often they are too bulky or too slow. US-based LinearFlux has tried to address both of those issues with its new LithiumCard charger. It's a credit-card sized device that can deliver a 1 percent increase in battery life per minute.

LinearFlux refers to the LithiumCard as a "HyperCharger," which is a rather grand way of saying it will charge your device quickly. According to the company, the device uses "HyperFET drive technology" that can deliver up to 2 Amps of charging current to electronic devices. It says the device is able to calculate a device’s optimal charging profile to maximize the speed at which it is charged.

The other big selling point of the LithiumCard is its size. At 54 x 86 x 6 mm (2.1 x 3.4 x 0.2 in), the charger is the same size as a credit card area-wise, although its about five times thicker. Still, it should be possible to fit it in a larger wallet slot. The device is finished in aluminum, which comes in a variety of colors, so it looks pretty slick too.

The LithiumCard is available with a micro-USB connector that is compatible with devices such as Samsung phones, Jawbone Jamboxes and Beats headphones, or an Apple Lightning connector for charging iOS devices. The connectors flip out from the device when they are needed, keeping tucked away and tidy in the meantime. It also has a flip-out USB connector for charging the device itself. The LithiumCard can be charged at the same time as charging a device by plugging it into a USB port and connecting the device in question.

LinearFlux launched an Indiegogo campaign at the end of February to raise money for the production of the LithiumCard. The company was aiming to raise US$30,000, but surpassed its goal five times over, eventually raising $167,785 by the time the campaign ended earlier this month.

The device is due to shipping to Indiegogo contributors in May this year, with commercial availability coming after that. It is expected to cost $39.99-$49.99.

The video below shows the LithiumCard in action.

Source: LinearFlux

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Very handy - now their next trick should be to install one down the side of the usual low capacity phone battery so a) You don't lose it, and b) Its innate storage will increase the battery life.

The Skud

I think that is way cool. Perhaps they could also incorporate it into a phone case so one has a backup battery? Since it is thin, it would not give the cell phone a bigger thickness.


So many amazing things being made! This is a very nicely designed device.

Steve Raznick

Nice discharge rate, not too horrible a capacity (1200mAh...and this would have been useful in the article), but I don't see myself devoting this much space in my wallet...and there are other, higher capacity chargers I can get that are cheaper and, while shaped differently, not much larger in volume that will fit just fine in my pocket.

Bryan P

hand warmer attachment .if some body came up with a attachable hand warmer count me in as a customer

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