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LG’s LSM-100 mouse that doubles as a scanner set for release


August 23, 2011

LG's LSM-100 mouse doubles as a scanner when holding down the Smart Scan button

LG's LSM-100 mouse doubles as a scanner when holding down the Smart Scan button

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The miniaturization of electronics has meant that the inner workings of a mouse can be crammed inside a package that is much smaller than is ergonomically recommended for such a device. This has freed up mouse manufacturers to put some of that wasted space to good use by extending the capabilities of the ubiquitous pointing peripheral. We recently looked at the Canon Mark I that combines a mouse, keyboard and calculator and now LG is getting in on the multi-capable mouse action with what strikes us as a very good idea - a mouse that doubles as a handheld scanner.

In addition to a laser sensor for regular mouse duties, the LSM-100 also incorporates scanning technology that allows it to scan page sizes of up to A3 size, outdoing most portable scanners. Along with the left, right and back mouse buttons, the LSM-100 also features a Smart Scan button on its left side that, when held down, allows the user to swipe the mouse over the material to be scanned. LG says the mouse also packs upgraded scanning technology that allows it to handle faster pass-over rates for speedier scanning.

Scanned images can be saved in PNG, JPEG, TIFF, BMP, PDF, XLS or DOC format, or dragged and dropped into the desired application. The LSM-100 also features Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology to convert scanned text into editable text within a Microsoft Word document.

LG was showing a prototype of the LSM-100 at CES in January, but now has a market-ready product that is set to be launched in Europe at the end of August for around US$150, with a global launch to follow shortly thereafter. LG will also be showcasing the device at IFA 2011.

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I\'m not sure how much I would use this thing... but it\'s an interesting idea.

Keith Kritselis

This seemed a good idea - until I saw that it is a wired mouse.

Sorry, I gave up using those several years ago and would not want to go back to one. I certainly could not face the thought of trying to manipulate a wired mouse to scan something.

Nice try LG but you\'ll have to make it wireless before I would try one.


I\'ve been wondering for a while now why portable scanners like the VuPoint Magic Wand still use mechanical rollers on the bottom to sense scan rate rather than high-resolution optical pickups from an optical mouse, which could not only determine scanning rate, but also any horizontal and angular skew.


I would like to have one as soon as they can be bouhgt in US

Wt Whaley

This will make note-taking at school all the more merrier. ))

Renārs Grebežs
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