LG announce the LG-GW620 Android powered smartphone


September 20, 2009

LG's Android powered LG-GW620 smartphone

LG's Android powered LG-GW620 smartphone

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LG has announced the release of its first foray in to the Android powered world of smartphones, the LG-GW620, aimed at meeting the demands of both first time and existing smartphone users.

Set to be available by the end of 2009, the LG-GW620 will feature a 3” full touch screen and slide out QWERTY keypad. The addition of a stylus suggests that the user will not be relying solely on finger based input. Also included will be a 5.0 megapixel camera along with built-in GPS navigation, push email and Wi-Fi and HSDPA network connectivity.

LG is planning to integrate their own S-Class user interface on top of Google's burgeoning Android OS, with a view towards making the unit equally accessible for those accustomed to smartphone use as well as first time buyers, with an emphasis on ever popular social networking functions.

No word on price yet, with the LG-GW620 due for release in the last quarter of the year.


First movie for LG GW620 hand on:

Alexandre Billault

Well in my openion the best upcoming phone will be Nokia Aeon ( ). I never understand why doesnt LG and companies like Motorolla comes up with phones like iphone. They are coming up with new watch phone . I hope that could be a success for lg. (

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