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LG makes things clear with the transparent GD900 mobile phone


April 1, 2009

Transparent touchpad - LG-GD900

Transparent touchpad - LG-GD900

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April 2, 2009 The LG-GD900 mobile phone will feature not only a 3-inch full touchscreen, but also a transparent touchpad that supports finger-writing recognition and vibrational haptic feedback. The stylish looking phone features a slider form factor with the translucent rear slider containing a touchpad that allows users to navigate through the phones features and 3D user interface. Further enhancing the phone’s style cred is the fact that the clear slider will be made from glass instead of plastic.

Besides looking cool, the touchpad also boasts ‘Multi Touch’ capabilities for zooming in and out of web pages and a ‘Gesture Shortcut’ feature that lets users configure their own shortcuts with a simple finger gesture. For example users could write an “M” on the touchpad and configure this command to run the music player. The touchpad also functions as a ‘Touch Wheel’ to pause, play and rewind multimedia clips with an iPodesque swirl of a finger. Running on Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional the 13.4mm thick LG-GD900 will also support voice command as well as voice and video recording. Connectivity specs include 7.2 Mbps HSDPA, WiFi and Bluetooth 2.0 with A2DP. LG is also promising a Bluetooth headset that matches the clear design of the phone is in the offing.

The GD900 is set to launch in Europe and Asia in May with no US release date yet announced.

LG is showcasing the handset at CTIA Wireless 2009 in Las Vegas where we hope to get a first hand look at the phone in action.

Darren Quick

Via The Mobiler.

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excuse me i was just reading your article and i noticed that you stated that this phone has voice command. o.O Is that really true? how do i use this option? please tell me what you know thank you very much it would help me a lot since i just got

Linda Nguyen

i can barely see the numberpad buttons on it lol

Waiel Jibrail

I had one, but I set it down, and now I can\'t find it.

Scott House
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