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LG shows off first Dual Play 3D games for Smart TVs


January 8, 2013

The split of LG's first Dual Play game

The split of LG's first Dual Play game

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Today at CES 2013, LG showed off the first Smart TV game that uses Dual Play 3D technology. With this tech, two players can play the same game at the same time, and each see their own independent full-screen view. While the tech itself might not be new, seeing it implemented directly into a smart TV is something we've never seen before.

The game LG demoed at CES is called Mini Motor Racing. The game was originally released on iOS and Android, but it obviously lacked the dual-view technology on mobile devices. It's a top down action racing game where each user sees their own perspective of the race thanks to LG’s patented FPR (Film-type Patterned Retarder) passive 3D tech.. Each player's view focuses on their car, without the need to divide the screen in half.

The game is played with LG's new Magic Remote. The Magic remote comes equipped with motion controls, so playing the game feels quite similar to using a Wiimote. LG expects the game to be available for download early in the first quarter of 2013.

Source: LG

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This is really cool tech. Maybe someday guys can watch football and their wife can watch...some boring garbage (lol), on the same TV!

Derek Howe

Do both players get 3D? That would be impressive!

(Ed. No, both players see 2D images.)

Jason Catterall
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