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LG debuts novel door-in-door super capacity fridge


July 18, 2012

The right door of LG's new super capacity fridge allows access to the main storage space w...

The right door of LG's new super capacity fridge allows access to the main storage space within, or at the press of a button opens a slim compartment within the door frame where commonly needed items can be stored and retrieved

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According to LG, a recent survey revealed that 32 percent of the 1,000 or so American families questioned said that their refrigerator door is opened between 20 and 50 times each day, with so-called "go-to" foods ranking high among the regular quick grab and go visits. Each time the door is opened, cool air escapes and ambient air sneaks in. As its name might well give away, LG's new Door-in-Door French-door refrigerator has a storage compartment in the door itself, allowing users to retrieve most commonly needed items without affecting the temperature of the main storage space.

Pressing a button on the right door handle of the super-capacity (31-cubic foot/878-liter) fridge opens up a magnetically sealed slim compartment within the frame of the door itself, where grab and go items like canned or bottled drinks, fruit, salad dressings and condiments can be stored for quick and easy access. The back of the door remains closed to keep the main storage space sealed.

The Door-in-Door fridge features the company's Smart Cooling Plus System that's claimed to...

The Door-in-Door fridge features the company's Smart Cooling Plus System, where a linear compressor and a dual evaporator respond to information supplied by digital sensors that constantly check internal conditions. LG says that this allows the fridge to maintain superior humidity and temperature levels to help keep food fresher for longer. The new model is also claimed to benefit from energy savings of eight to 17 percent compared to previous models.

There's LED lighting inside, including within the three-tier freezer compartment. A door alarm should help remind users to close the doors, and on the outside of the left door there's an LCD LED touch panel display.

The LG Door-in-Door French-door refrigerator is available now for a suggested retail price of US$3,499.99.

Source: LG

Have a look at LG's amusing "Food Fight" marketing video:

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at $3,499 I think you can forget about energy savings!

Also wonder just how 'fat' this makes the fridge, as they're already too big for most kitchens in the UK (we only have diddy houses).

19th July, 2012 @ 01:41 am PDT
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