US release for LG's Curved OLED TV


July 23, 2013

LG's curved OLED TV has been released in the US

LG's curved OLED TV has been released in the US

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Since LG and Samsung both made world's first curved OLED TV debuts at CES back in January, the former has been leading the race to get units into the hands of consumers. Samsung took silver when it entered the South Korean market last month, and is playing second fiddle again as LG's 4.3 mm thin immersive big screen makes a break for US shores courtesy of Best Buy.

Launched in its home country in April, the sexily-named 55EA9800 includes the company's proprietary WRGB OLED technology, where a white sub-pixel joins the usual red, green and blue suspects for more vivid and realistic images. Meanwhile, LG's Color Refiner system helps bring a natural and vibrant feel to the proceedings.

The 54.6 diagonal inches of curved OLED display real estate is claimed to treat users to an optimum viewing experience, but LG doesn't expect you to take its word for it. The company is proudly boasting that its new TV is the first OLED model to be granted THX Display certification, having undergone over 600 THX lab tests to check for the kind of picture quality you might expect from a professional post-production display.

The 55EA9800 is available now from Best Buy for a suggested retail price of US$14,999.

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My 8 year old wall mounted LG 50" tv protrudes 21 cms, whereas my recently acquired Samsung 55" only 7.5 cms. Almost certainly a curved tv will protrude more than 7.5 cms, so this seems to be a backward step - unless it only curves when turned on? An interesting challenge for the tv boffins!


@David993 - If wall-mount protrusion is of concern, then give it a cool look and have it recessed INTO the wall. However, then, you'd lose bragging rights on its super thinness.

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