LG unveils 55-inch OLED TV at Monaco's Salle des Etoiles


May 25, 2012

LG VP of Overseas TV Sales and Marketing Ki-il Kwon, F1 Champion Sebastian Vettel, LG Europe's Stanley Cho, film director Jean-Jacques Annaud and model Gemma Sanderson at the Monaco unveiling

LG VP of Overseas TV Sales and Marketing Ki-il Kwon, F1 Champion Sebastian Vettel, LG Europe's Stanley Cho, film director Jean-Jacques Annaud and model Gemma Sanderson at the Monaco unveiling

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LG unveiled the world's largest and slimmest 55-inch OLED (organic light-emitting diode) TV at the Salle des Etoiles in Monaco earlier this week. First given a U.S. showing at CES 2012, the OLED TV's four-color pixel technology and Color Refiner work together to offer vibrant, natural and comfortable Full 1080p HD viewing in both 2D and 3D. Cutting edge technology doesn't come cheap though, so be prepared to gasp as the price is revealed after the jump.

LG says that the combined efforts of its WRGB technology – which adds a white sub-pixel to the color output – and enhancements to hues and tones made by a color refiner algorithm result in a distortion-free and consistent visual experience, no matter the ambient light and viewing angle.

Encasing the technology in a carbon fiber reinforced plastic outer shell has allowed LG to slim down the thickness of the TV to just 4 mm, and to get the weight down to 10 kg (22 pounds). Magic remote voice control, 3D depth control, and built-in Wi-Fi capabilities feature thanks to the inclusion of the company's CINEMA 3D technology with Smart TV capabilities. Four HDMI ports cater for simultaneous connection to a satellite or cable box (although Freeview HD is built in), Blu-ray player, home cinema system and games console (for example).

There's a USB 2.0 port, too, to connect devices like digital cameras and portable media players, and the OLED TV also comes with something called Dual Play technology that allows two game players to view individual full-screen action while wearing special glasses.

LG has announced an availability window for the second half of the year, and confirmed a retail price of – it might be an idea to head for the nearest chair and prepare yourself for a shock – approximately €8,000 (US$10,000).

Source: LG

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10 grand today, 2 grand in a couple of year as competition gets into the mix. Nice tv.


Without including research and development. I would guess that the cost of manufacturing this is under US $150.00. The price on this TV should and will come down fast.

Flipider Comm

Carbon fiber is overkill and it conducts electricity-they can use a nice glass or Basalt fiber instead and save lots right there.


I won't waste time correcting perceptions of diminishing costs in new tech - other than to say, "Dream On!"

But, I see no one asked the question about rate of deterioration of color strength in materials used for the pixels? That has been a persistent problem in the development of OLED technology.


A little out of my range now but still impressive. It looks like they have just about perfected it.


When flat screen TV's were coming out (2003) I paid £3,000 for a 32" Plasma with dodgy blue pixels, The Blue Pixels in OLED are now the equivalent to Plasma, and nine years of use my plasma showed no signs of blue fade, well I got rid of it last December...Not because it had broken, but I just wanted 40" of LED backlit full HD for £315... And I gave the old Plasma away to somebody who appreciated it! I have been watching the advance(albeit a crawl) of OLED since 1992 when they said it would be 2 years before we would see the technology in our Laptops and homes as TV's etc....Wow they were only 20 years out!! I've been waiting forever for this....but I will wait for the price to drop because it will as with the Plasma etc.


Near future 4 & 8K will make this 1080 obsolete in a couple years. Eideard is right about the color deterioration of OLEDs as well. Another problem is everyone is losing money on the sets sold and the public spoiled on the low prices. Side back lighting has replaced superior full and plastic fronts instead of glass for cost cutting,are examples.


"CHIDRBMT" you are incorrect. LG's OLED TV IS a 4K TV. It just isn't marketed as such because LG is already planning on releasing the 84 " LM960V which will be an ULTRA DEFINITION "UD" (3840x2160) TV. The OLED TV already has over 8 million pixels vs Samsung's 6 million, so if you calculate it, this is even more impressive because the OLED TV is only 55" which will result in a higher PPI density. (pixels per inch)


Matt Rosenberg

Those water droplets look amazing. I wonder what picture setting the OLED TV in the picture is set at?

Vladimir Goshenko

I agree, I can tell this is just part of their marketing strategy so people would show interest just like how current technologies like plasmas were highly overpriced in the beginning and they're still around. I can't cough up that much dough right now but I'm more than eager to get this TV once the price drops.


The photos look great, it is a bit pricey but I'm sure the prices will drop. I want this in my livingroom!

Jenna Mayfield
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