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Lexus unveils LF-LC Hybrid Sports Coupe Concept in Detroit


January 9, 2012

The Lexus LF-LC Hybrid Sports Concept

The Lexus LF-LC Hybrid Sports Concept

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The annual North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) can usually be counted on the produce at least one über-desirable concept car and the 2012 show currently underway in Detroit looks to have already met that quota thanks to Lexus with its LF-LC Hybrid Sports Coupe Concept. While the concept car itself might not be making it into showrooms anytime soon, Lexus's Karl Schlicht says the hybrid 2+2 sport coupe created by California's Calty studio "hints at the design cues that are coming in a wave of new Lexus models over the next two years."

The design study's sexy curves see a glass roof with a cantilevered pillar that provides improved visibility for the driver. The concept's front end sees Lexus's new mesh patterned spindle grill framed by an aluminum surround with functional air intakes in the bottom corners. Either side of the grille are L-shaped daytime running lights and vertical fog lamps with a fading dot matrix pattern. The spindle grille theme is extended to the rear of the vehicle, as is the fading dot matrix pattern found on the rear fog lamps and L-shaped tail lights.

Inside, the driver is enclosed by deeply scooped side panels and a high, curved console with suede, leather, brushed metal trim and wood accents the order of the day. Twin 12.3-inch LCD touch screens include a remote touch-screen system designed to allow the driver to operate the controls without shifting position or altering their line-of-sight, and a center console touch screen used to control the audio system, climate controls and navigation. There's also a pop-up touchscreen keyboard for text input. Touch-screen surfaces also extend to the doors where they used to operate the windows, mirrors, seat positions and personal entertainment settings.

Lexus hasn't provided specifications about the LF-LC's hybrid powerplant, only saying the front-engine, rear-wheel drive vehicle features Advanced Lexus Hybrid Drive, which delivers performance to complement its sporty looks and fuel efficiency.

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gawd, thought I threw away that shaver

Bill Bennett

That is one beautiful car! Put a V10 under the hood and it would be the perfect car! :-)


Cars for children. Just make functional vehicles. A lockable box on wheels that you can put a couch, a surfboard and a bike all in at the same time that gets 40mpg and has a plastic shell that doesn\'t scratch or dent in the parking lot. It\'s only going to be going 25mph on the freeway most of the time anyway.

These \"concept\" cars look like some high school sophomore designed them to impress a girl....


You got to be a car person DemonDuck to appreciate a car for more then just a utilitarian device! I would never own a car if all I got to do was slog along at 25 mph or at the very least I would move! Cars need to stir your soul and SHOULD be an emotional buying experience because your more then likely going to have it a while and you need to like it for a long time to come. If nun of these things are true than one probably shouldn\'t get a car in the 1st place? :-)


More cars should looks like this, without the hefty pricetag that I\'m sure it will carry..

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