Lenovo reveals 17.3-inch touchscreen gaming laptop


September 4, 2014

Lenovo's Y70 Touch gaming laptop

Lenovo's Y70 Touch gaming laptop

Lenovo has taken the wraps of its latest gaming laptop, known as the Y70 Touch. The machine is thin for the category and packs an expansive 17.3-inch touch screen. As with many gaming laptops, available configurations vary significantly, but the higher-end options offer a lot of portable power, providing your wallet can handle it.

Sporting a design that's a little less bold than some gaming laptops, Lenovo’s first 17.3-inch touchscreen model has a resolution of 1,920 x 1,080 and some powerful graphics on board in the form of an Nvidia GTX-860M 4G DDR5 card.

The system will be available with a range of different specs, and can be configured up to an Intel Core i7 processor with 512 GB SSD storage. This being a gaming laptop, there’s also the usual bevy of extra goodies on board, including a backlit keyboard and JBL speakers.

At just 25.9 mm (1 in), it's not as thin as some gaming laptops we’ve seen in recent years, but its a lot thinner than most 17-inch systems.

The Y70 Touch will launch in September with prices starting at US$1,389.

Source: Lenovo

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How much does it weigh?

Hubert Heller

I wouldn't get too excited as it will only be available in America. Check the Australian Lenovo website and the biggest screen available is only 15.6 inches. The only cpu available is Intel and the options available to Australians are less than our American cousins.

I have a Lenovo E540 which is a solid, heavy laptop with a low grade screen (15.6 in) and an Intel Haswell cpu (I3). What I really wanted was the AMD one but of course not available here.

Compare the two sites and you will see how poorly we are serviced by Lenovo, and while it is a good laptop (apart from the screen and the back breaking weight) I don't think I will be buying another until they give us the same level of options as the Yanks get.



On their web site, Lenovo lists the weight of the Y70 as 7.5 pounds. Here is a link:

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