Lenovo brings 4K displays, including one with Android, to CES


January 6, 2014

The ThinkVision 28 has a 4K display and Android 4.3

The ThinkVision 28 has a 4K display and Android 4.3

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Lenovo appears interested in making a splash early this year, with the recent announcement of a new LTE smartphone and now this pair of displays – the ThinkVision Pro2840m, a high-end 28-inch pro monitor, and the ThinkVision 28, which Lenovo calls a "smarter display" that doubles as an Android-powered entertainment center.

Two things we were expecting to see at CES 2014 in Las Vegas this year were plenty of new 4K HD displays and some traditional laptop and desktop OEMs doing some interesting things with Android in their new systems. Well, two days before the show even officially opens and Lenovo has ticked both boxes.

Both screens sport a 3840 x 2160 resolution panel and the company says they will be available this year. The Pro2840m will be available in April starting at US$799, and its Android-fueled counterpart hits "selected markets" in July for a starting price expected around $1199.

Getting down to specs, there's an NVIDIA Tegra system-on-a-chip at the heart of the ThinkVision 28 running Android 4.3 beneath the 10-point touch display. Lenovo also touts what appears to be an NFC-based "Tap to Connect" system for syncing devices to the monitor, as well as Miracast capability.

In addition, extra USB ports can charge your phone or other devices, and there's also extra HDMI ports for "extreme connectivity." A 2 megapixel camera and 5 W stereo speakers round out the package.

Source: Lenovo

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Richard Unger, with article after article coming out every day about the availability of 4K content in the immediate future, including Netflix, I find your comment irritatingly naive. If this world was run by people like you there would never be any progress, its people like you that lead to stagnation.

Chas Stevens

If no one os broadcasting or producing content higher than 1080 whats the point of having 2K or 4K screens. No one will see the resolution. Its like watching SD on a HD screen. Pointless.

Richard Unger

$799 for 4K will be a great deal. Presumably, it will feature DisplayPort 1.2, HDMI 2.0, or both, so 4K can be enjoyed at a full 60 Hz. If Lenovo will sell it for $799, the off-brand Korean firms will be selling their versions with "factory seconds" LG panels on eBay for $500 or $600. Sure, larger glass would be more useful to many. But the price point is reason to rejoice.

Paul Stregevsky

From another article on the 2840m: "The monitor will be outfitted with DisplayPort, mini-DisplayPort, HDMI, and MHL (Mobile High-definition Link) connectors to support consumer and commercial desktop PCs and laptops, as well as smartphones and tablets." That's a lot of ports.

Paul Stregevsky

@Richard Unger,

The technology needs to exist before the rollout of 4K broadcasts or other content- no point in producing content if there is nobody with the equipment to make use of it- only if sales take off to a certain level will encourage content developers to produce their stuff in 4K.


These are monitors. Use a video card that supports 4K. Why would you need someone to produce content?

Joe Henderson

I am sure a quick search for "red box" in gizmags archives can answer the content question. That said, it is a little sad to see a 4k box being released with an already obsolete OS (as android is now on KitKat and has been for a few months).

Charles Bosse
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