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Lenco L-71 turntable records direct from vinyl to SD card


September 1, 2010

Lenco L-71 turntable

Lenco L-71 turntable

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Dutch manufacturer Lenco has introduced a new turntable at IFA today which offers advanced digital functionality at a fraction of the price of equivalent units. The Lenco L-71 turntable retails at less than EUR100 and records directly to USB memory stick or SD card. That makes the cost of liberating the music you've already paid for on vinyl much cheaper than ever before.

The belt drive Lenco L-71 turntable has a built-in stereo pre-amplifier, runs at either 33 rpm or 45 rpm and features direct MP3 or WMA encoding. It’s not unique, but it’s a lot cheaper than the Akai equivalent.

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It would be useless without lossless codec support.

Kris Lee
1st September, 2010 @ 05:21 pm PDT
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