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Lego Minecraft available for pre-order


February 20, 2012

The past few days have seen pictures of the forthcoming Lego Minecraft set released, while...

The past few days have seen pictures of the forthcoming Lego Minecraft set released, while online retailer J!NX has started to take pre-orders

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Granted, granted, there may not be much cutting edge technology on display here, but it's a cynical technology enthusiast indeed that doesn't raise a wry smile when nerd-friendly worlds collide, and were worlds ever more nerd-friendly than those of Lego and Minecraft?

In the past few days the first pictures of the previously-announced Lego Minecraft set have been released, and online retailer J!NX has started taking pre-orders. The set includes four modules that can be arranged at will, and hidden resources can be stowed away in underground cavities as well as two "Micro Mob" figures: the player (aka Steve), and a creeper, as well as extra wood, dirt and stone pieces.

The suggestion is that fans will buy multiple sets to build Minecraft-like landscapes, but with a single set (at $US34.99) costing rather more than the game itself EUR19.95 ($26.43) there are obviously more cost effective ways to scratch that world-building itch, if only in the digital domain. Rather more likely is that a single set will make a fetching ornament on the mantlepieces of Lego and Minecraft fans.

The 480-piece set will start shipping at an as yet unspecified date between June and August this year.

Product page: J!NX via Edge

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A bit disappointing in regards to size and price. I'd rather just buy packs of desired resources as needed.

Von Maleficent
21st February, 2012 @ 09:50 pm PST
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