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Leatherman announces new pocket tools for skaters and surfers


September 23, 2013

Leatherman Grind and Jam skate tools

Leatherman Grind and Jam skate tools

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Continuing its ongoing trend towards targeting specific user groups, Leatherman is extending its line of multi-tools with two new action sports models designed for surfers and skaters.

Designed to complement the snowboard tools released earlier this year, the company will next month release the Grind and Jam pocket tools for the skateboarding fraternity, and the Thruster and Shooter pocket tools for the surfing crowd.

Weighing less than 1.9 oz (54 g), Grind and Jam are designed to be carried or clipped onto a belt. They feature flat and Phillips head screwdrivers, file, bottle openers, multiple open ended wrenches, hex driver, truck key and carabiner. The tools are aimed at giving skaters the ability to carry out board maintenance and assembly tasks on the go, including adjusting/setting trucks, tightening bolts and filing excess grip tape.

In developing the surf tools (Thruster and Shooter), Leatherman Tools founder Tim Leatherman asked his son Lee, a lifelong surfer, to join the team and assist in development.

Leatherman Thruster and Shooter surf tools

Thruster and Shooter are flat tools that feature bottle openers, bit drivers, wax comb, spring hooks, a lanyard hole, easy outs and a rubber bit holder. Both tools can be snapped into recyclable, polypropylene wax combs to assist in board maintenance and wax removal.

Weighing in at less than 2.2 oz (62 g) and being less than 4.6 in (11.6 cm) in length, the surf tools fit in a pocket or can be attached to key rings or packs.

The new surf and skate tools are expected to be available by the end of October, whilst a specialist snowboarding tool is already available. The Grind and Jam skating tools are priced at US$20 each. The Thruster costs $25 and the Shooter $18.

All tools come with the a 25 year warranty and are travel friendly according to Leatherman.

Source: Leatherman Tools

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