Leatherdos hair clip doubles as a multitool


July 28, 2014

The Leatherdos serves seven functions (such as cutting), besides holding your hair or yarmulke in place

The Leatherdos serves seven functions (such as cutting), besides holding your hair or yarmulke in place

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It's a spy movie cliché. The hero takes a bobby pin from the heroine's hair, and uses it to pick the lock on their handcuffs. Well, if she were wearing the new Leatherdos multitool hair clip, he'd also be able to do things like cutting through ropes, removing screws and, uh ... unlocking a grocery cart.

The Leatherdos was created on a lark by Israeli designer Yaacov Goldberg. Although most people might assume it's purely intended as a women's product, it was actually first conceived as a means of fastening Jewish mens' yarmulkes to their hair.

The stainless steel clip features three sizes of screwdriver blades, along with a serrated cutting edge, a ruler, an 8-mm wrench, and an end that can take the place of a coin in a grocery cart's locking receptacle.

It's available now, for US$9. If you want to be even more ready-for-anything-at-all-times, you might also want to check out the Titanium Utility Ring.

Source: Monkey Business via Gizmodo

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