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Leap Motion to be integrated into HP devices


April 17, 2013

The Leap Motion will be bundled with certain HP devices, before HP starts embedded the Leap Motion tech into future devices

The Leap Motion will be bundled with certain HP devices, before HP starts embedded the Leap Motion tech into future devices

It hasn’t even been released yet but the Leap Motion could already be considered something of a success – at least with PC manufacturers. Following in the footsteps of Asus, who announced in January that it would bundle the 3D motion controller with some of its PCs, the world’s biggest PC manufacturer has joined the gesture control party. But HP has gone one step further, promising to build the Leap Motion technology into some future HP devices.

Initially, however, the 80-mm (3-in) long Leap Motion controller that connects via USB to bring 3D motion control capabilities to Macs and PCs will be bundled with select HP products. The partnership will also see HP’s Leap Motion-enabled devices pre-loaded with Leap Motion’s Airspace application store, which is set to launch in May.

It hasn’t been revealed exactly which devices HP will select for its Leap Motion bundles or when they’ll become available, but Asus has announced plans to include the device with its higher-end notebooks and All-in-One PCs by the end of 2013. Although, the standalone device, which is priced at US$79.99, is due to start shipping mid-May, so there’s a chance the device could appear in HP and/or Asus bundles sooner.

Source: Leap Motion

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This is great. IMHO this is a better solution than touch screen for monitors. It makes sense to touch a tablet screen but with a monitor it is weird.


I agree with Diachi, this is the way to go - stops the screen getting messed up with greasy paw prints too!


Also, great for watching movies or looking through pics with the family. Looking forward to it.


i agree with everyone else. I have been waiting to buy this device since I saw it a full year ago, glad that I only have to wait 1 more month.

Derek Howe
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