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Leaf releases 56MP Aptus-II 10R digital camera back


April 5, 2010

The Aptus-II R10 camera back

The Aptus-II R10 camera back

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Leaf has just announced a new professional-level 56 megapixel digital camera back with the world's widest medium format internal rotating sensor, touchscreen display, 16-bit color and 12-stop dynamic range. The Aptus-II 10R is compatible with most of the Hasselblad V series as well as other camera systems from the likes of Mamiya and Fuji via an adapter.

The Aptus-II 10R 56 megapixel camera back from Leaf has a hermetically sealed 56 x 36mm CCD sensor with 12 f–stop dynamic range and a sensitivity range of ISO80 to ISO800. Its Leaf Verto internal sensor rotation dial changes the orientation of the image from portrait to landscape without the need to re-mount the camera or remove the back (previously seen on the company's AFi 10 medium-format digital camera).

Also featured is a 16-bit color depth with 65,536 levels per channel for consistent and accurate color reproduction in files up to 345MB in size. Frames are captured in open RAW format at a rate of one every second to either a CF card or high volume portable FireWire disk. The large 3.5in touchscreen LCD allows users to handle settings and post-shot image manipulation, including the ability to crop on the fly with Leaf SensorFlex technology.

The company says that "Leaf Aptus-II digital backs produce images that have been compared to film-like quality - superior to any capture device available in the industry, regardless of resolution." Unlike the non-rotating Aptus II 10 camera back which slots onto the Phase One 645DF digital SLR body, the Aptus-II R10 is geared towards professional-level cameras such as the Hasselblad V series (except the 200 and 2000 versions), Mamiya RZ67, RZ67 Pro II, RZ Pro IId and RB67 and Fuji's GX680II and GX680III (although for some, users will need an adapter).

More detailed information can be found in the product datasheet. The cost: €24,995 (about US$33,700).

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