LeadaHose aims to make it easier to keep your dog clean and cool


August 22, 2014

The LeadaHose aims reduce the hassle of cleaning up a muddy dog

The LeadaHose aims reduce the hassle of cleaning up a muddy dog

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If your dog is anything like mine, when it sees a puddle, it jumps right in and soon looks more like a mud-covered warthog than man's best friend. LeadaHose aims to reduce the hassle of cleaning up – and perhaps help cool the dog down in hot weather too – by offering a leash that sports an integrated hose and connector.

The concept behind LeadaHose is very simple, and comprises a dog leash that also functions as a standard water hose. One end of the leash has a tap connection and the clasp to secure to your dog's collar, while the other sports an adjustable spray nozzle and neoprene handle. The leash measures 1.8 m (6 ft) in length and also has D-ring for connecting accessories.

The idea is, next time your dog gets too hot while running around in the sun, or gets too dirty by rolling in something it shouldn't, you find yourself a tap fitting, connect the lead, and give your mutt a good soaking. As standard, the LeadaHose fits UK, US, and Australian taps, though the creators offer an connector for whatever part of the world you live.

Naturally, the great weakness of the LeadaHose is that you'll need some kind of water source to plug it into, so it won't suit everyone and really depends on the kind of area you walk your dog. You'll also have to take the lead off the dog to use it, so if your dog is the runaway type, then perhaps this could be an issue.

The LeadaHose is currently raising production funds on Kickstarter. As of writing, the cheapest pledge point for a LeadaHose is AUD$29 (US$25), with delivery scheduled for December (if all goes to plan).

The pitch video below features a talking dog of dubious authenticity.

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Another unneeded invention for bad dog owners with untrained dogs.


Seems a bit pointless if you can't keep it on the dog as you hose!

The Skud

I'll be getting one! When we go for a run in summer it will be good to cool both of us down

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