LAYWOO-D3 allows for 3D printing of (sort of) wooden objects


September 27, 2012

3D-printed objects created using LAYWOO-D3

3D-printed objects created using LAYWOO-D3

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Usually when we think of materials that can be used in 3D printers, we think of substances that can be melted, like plastic or resin. What we don't think of is wood. Nonetheless, a new product allows users to create 3D-printed wooden objects ... depending on how you define “wooden.”

Known as LAYWOO-D3, the material was created by inventor Kai Parthy. It’s made up of 40 percent recycled wood fiber, combined with a polymer binder. Like other printing materials, it comes in filament spools that are fed into the printer, where they’re melted and subsequently extruded.

Objects made with the material reportedly won’t warp, and can be painted, ground or cut like wood. It will take on a different shade of brown, depending on the temperature at which it’s printed – this means that by intentionally varying that temperature, users can simulate a tree’s growth ring effect.

So far, it will only work with RepRap printers. It can be purchased on eBay (€11/US$14 for 150 grams/5 oz), or via the RepRap website (€15/$19 for 250 grams/9 oz).

Source: Thingiverse via 3ders

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what is so fascinating about ''printing''?

all you get is a 3d picture the stuff is always weak, expensive, has to be painted, etc etc

materials are at least important as the external shape of something



WOW! Thank you for posting this. This is some amazing news to those of us who love printing edmonton in 3D. Imagine the work with such printing. Thanks again for sharing this with us.

Megan Keisher
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