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Last minute betting plunge on Apple’s tablet name: iPad shortens from 7/4 to 1/3


January 25, 2010

Last minute betting on Apple’s tablet name: iPad shortens from 7/4 to 1/3

Last minute betting on Apple’s tablet name: iPad shortens from 7/4 to 1/3

Apple’s announcement of its tablet computer this Wednesday will without doubt be the most eagerly anticipated tech news of 2010. We were all so “over” the speculation at Gizmag.com that we’d agreed we would not run any “puff” stories guessing the outcome, functionality or whatever, because no-one really knows. Until now, that is. Odds on what the name of the device will be have been on offer at Irish bookmaker Paddy Power this week and when the Economist ran a story effectively promoting the odds to the wider community, the flow of money on the name iPad quickly became a torrent, seeing it shorten from 7/4 to 1/3 in a few hours. Accordingly, …

Interpreting the move in odds in the short time since the Economist published Paddy Power’s odds, the overwhelming likelihood that when Steve Jobs steps to the microphone on Wednesday, is that he’ll be announcing an iPad, to complement the iPhone and iPod, not an iSlate or iTablet.

The Economist ran this story using Paddy Power’s odds from January 25, on the name of the device and the latest odds, which will no doubt change beyond our table above, can be found here.

Odds are framed by a bookmaker based on their knowledge of a particular marketplace. Once the odds have been made public, the flow of money from the public determines movements in the odds. That's why the bookmakers are always the first to know when a "fix" is in.

in the case of the Apple touchscreen device's name, obviously there are hundreds, if not thousands of people across the world who know what the name is right now, because they have been involved in manufacturing it, or creating advertising, marketing, merchandising or other promotional collateral, and ... unlike the trading of shares, where acting upon insider information can land you in a jail cell, putting a few dollars on a sure thing on a betting site seems small change indeed.

So our money is firmly on the name iPad.


Apple’s announcement of its \"tablet computer\" this Wednesday... No one knows this for sure, its all speculation. But I wont be surprised if there is no tablet what-so-ever and rather a iMac touch. Desktop based \"touch\" seems to be the next big thing. Laptop tablets have been around for some time. So lets introduce the new iMac touch 22inch.

Brian Perkins

iPods are for pockets (iPod, iPod Touch), MacBooks are portable (MacBook, Macbook Pro, MacBook Air), and stationary computers are iMacs or just Macs (iMac, Mac Mini, Mac Pro). iPhone is just a name to make you think it is a phone not a computer and will end up just being iPods. Since it won\'t fit in your pocket but, is portable it seems they would call it a MacBook Touch to me. Who knows.

Eric Bennion


Craig Jennings

I highly doubt the name will be iPad with sites like www.islateiforum.com already putting money into the islate name


It WILL be an iPad - a bigger, 10\", version of the iPhone, with a touchcreen and exquisite interfacibility. I\'ve wanted one of these since my first iPhone 2.0. Bluetooth fullsize keyboard, mouse, headset. I fall asleep thinking about it, dream about it and wake up wanting it. It\'s coming and it\'s not going to be a boring Mac. Mac\'s are so over.


How about: i....don\'t care!

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