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How do you top a wrist-mounted crossbow? With one that's semi-automatic, apparently


August 5, 2014

The WristBow Mk II stores multiple carbon fiber darts in its ammo clip, which drop into place as needed

The WristBow Mk II stores multiple carbon fiber darts in its ammo clip, which drop into place as needed

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When we last heard from German cyberpunk weapons hobbyist Patrick Priebe, he'd made a set of X-Men-inspired goggles that incorporated burning lasers. Some time before that, however, he showed us a wrist-mounted, laser-sighted crossbow that he'd created. Now, he's just completed a new-and-improved "semi-automatic" take on that crossbow.

The WristBow Mk II is mainly constructed from a combination of hand-made aluminum, steel and brass components, and uses a 2-milliwatt red laser to assist in aiming. Its darts are made from carbon fiber tubes tipped with stainless steel points.

Although Priebe isn't sure of its exact draw weight, he tells us that the darts will stick into wood when shot from a few meters away. As for other types of targets, he tells us that "The melon had no chance either, the darts disappeared."

What makes it sort of semi-automatic, though, is the fact that it can store up to eight darts in its onboard ammo clip. The drawing mechanism still needs to be racked back by the user each time it's fired, but the darts are automatically pushed into place from above by a polymer spring.

No doubt much to the dismay of nutjobs everywhere, Priebe is thankfully following his usual practice of refusing to release plans for his latest creation, or to sell copies of it to the public. You can see it in action, however, in the following video.

Source: Laser Gadgets by Patrick Priebe

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