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October 18, 2012

larklife is a wristband that connects with an iOS smartphone to provide feedback on diet, hydration, exercise, sleep and work breaks

larklife is a wristband that connects with an iOS smartphone to provide feedback on diet, hydration, exercise, sleep and work breaks

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Fans of micromanagement have a new device to help them optimize diet, fitness, work production and sleep. Called larklife, the technology was designed by lark technologies and consists of a wristband that connects via Bluetooth to iOS-based smartphones. The new product adds another item to the growing wearable monitor market.

As is the case with the Fitbit, there doesn’t seem to be any moves that larklife won't keep track of. It will tell you how long you’ve walked (and how sedentary you’ve been), how many calories you’ve burned, and compare the figures between different types of exercises. It will also be your coach and goad you into action, besides reinforcing positive behavior patterns and teaching you a few more.

Like the Jawbone UP, diet monitoring is one of its key features. You can log meals and enter each food into the category where it belongs, in order to keep the right level of energy with a carefully designed and timed menu. Water intake can also be logged, allowing the app will tell you whether or not you are properly hydrated.

The time you spend in the arms of Morpheus is covered, too. larklife will tell you whether you got a proper night’s sleep and the quality of that sleep, using a nighttime-specific band. It will tell you about all that tossing and turning, which, besides leading to divorces, has an impact on the quality of your rest as well as state of mind the following day. A process called actigraphy tracks all of those micro movements in order to produce a precise calculation of sleep duration. larklife has teamed up with Stanford sleep specialist Cheri Mah to give advice on changes that can be implemented to improve sleep.

Finally, if you tend to work longer than you should, larklife will also tell you when to have a little break. Additionally, it will give you tips on how to insert refreshing activities into your daily life.

The product is currently available for pre-order for US$149.99. The package includes two wristbands, the core unit, the app and a power cord.

Source: lark technologies via Technabob

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Looks promising, if they have fixed whatever it was that caused Jawbone to pull the UP from the parket 8+ months ago and still not have a replacement for it.

Bob Fately

If I have to enter every food and drink into it, that is not going to happen. Somehow these monitors have to figure out how much I am eating every hour of every day (and night). That might really be helpful.

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