Dell's new 2-in-1 makes the iPad Pro look tiny

Announced today at Computex, Dell's updated Inspiron line offers something a little out of the ordinary in the hybrid PC world: a 17-inch display. It's fair to say that you're more likely to be using its tablet mode on a coffee table than on your lap.Read More

HP's Chromebook 13 is the first premium Chromebook that isn't the Pixel

While most Chromebooks are budget-focused machines with low-end specs, HP is aiming a little higher with its latest notebook, which has a pixel-dense display and capable Intel Core M processor, all while hanging onto a wallet-friendly starting price. With an all-metal build and somewhat premium specs, it's also looking to encroach on the Chromebook Pixel's territory – and, as you may expect, its higher-end configurations are in the same pricing ballpark as the Pixel.Read More

HP's Spectre is the world's slimmest laptop at just 10.4 mm

Personal computers have come a long way since the hefty notebooks of the early 1980s. Today's laptops are shedding bulk almost as fast as your local CrossFit evangelist, and the latest effort from Hewlett-Packard is set to undercut them all. Its newly announced HP Spectre will enter the market as the world's thinnest laptop, and it is packing some punch within its very slight frame, as well. Read More


The laptop turns 35

April 3, 1981 marked the introduction of the Osborne 1, the first mainstream portable computer. Three-and-a-half decades later, laptops are now much more portable – but how do they compare to the deeper vision that sparked them, and what lays ahead? Gizmag talks with Dr. Alan Kay, the personal computing visionary who came up with the notion of a notebook computer, and Lee Felsenstein, designer of the first commercially successful forerunner to the laptop, to get their views.Read More

A laptop with the heart of a smartphone

A California-based startup is seeking crowdfunding via Indiegogo for NexDock, a budget device that increases the productivity of smartphones and tablets by adding a Bluetooth keyboard, a capable battery and a 14-inch screen.Read More

MSI's eye-tracking gaming laptop is now up for order

If you've ever imagined how convenient it could be to have a third hand while PC gaming, MSI is hoping to do something like that with its latest notebook (only without any mutations). Showcased at CES 2016, MSI's GT72S G Tobii gaming laptop includes eye-tracking technology that translates eye movements into commands for compatible apps and games.Read More


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