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Lamborghini teams with BMC on (very) high-end racing bicycle


April 22, 2012

BMC impec Automobili Lamborghini Edition

BMC impec Automobili Lamborghini Edition

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While many of us dream of one day owning a supercar, few will ever get the opportunity. The cost of ownership is huge; from the purchase price to the insurance, from the fuel costs to the secure parking. But names such as Lamborghini and Ferrari are revered for a reason. Their automobiles are more like aspirational objets d'art than mere people carriers able to get from A to B.

In recent years several of these luxury marques have added their name and design sensibilities to another mode of transport: the humble bicycle. Though these cross-bred beasts are far from humble. We've already seen the likes of Porsche, BMW and McLaren add their expertise to bike manufacturing, and now Italian supercar producer Lamborghini has joined the burgeoning list.

The new BMC impec Automobili Lamborghini Edition takes the core of the flagship BMC road bike and adds several expensive bells and whistles. But no literal bells and whistles. Instead we get a suede saddle and handlebars airbrushed in the Argos Orange shade of the Aventador LP 700-4, unbranded carbon fiber rims, the Di2 electronic dérailleur system from Shimano, and the Lamborghini logo plastered on the frame.

The new BMC impec Automobili Lamborghini Edition takes the core of the flagship BMC road b...

This bike will set you back €20,000 (roughly US$26,000), an increase of almost $8,000 over the standard BMC impec (impec, by the way, is short for "impeccable"). So are the improvements made and features added worth that kind of money? I'm not convinced, but then I'm not part of the target audience for this kind of machine.

Even if you have got the money, desire, and need to own the BMC impec Automobili Lamborghini Edition, you'll have to fight to get hold of one. Only 30 of these limited-edition racing bikes are being produced in total, all "handmade by machines" at BMC's Swiss factory. To put your name down for one you'll have to head to your nearest Lamborghini dealer, of which there are 120 worldwide.

This is expected to be just the first release in a long-term partnership between the two companies. Although I doubt any of the concoctions brought to fruition by this particular alliance will be what us mere mortals consider affordable. Back to dreaming, I guess.

Source: Lamborghini

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" these cross-bred beasts are far from humble"? Come on Gizmag don't give them credit for even an ounce of innovation. There's nothing here but a logo slap job for the type of guys that buy the expensive watches.

The Hoff
22nd April, 2012 @ 09:47 pm PDT

I ride a flawless Kestrel RT 800, so I am having trouble with the idea for spending another $20,000 just to have an electronic shifter and a Lambo decal, and that's making the huge assumption Lambo's frame supplier is as good as Kestrel. Then, the fact the Impec isn't even made by hand, it's a mechanically made, assembly-line bike, and I'm...yawn...

Bruce Curtis
23rd April, 2012 @ 01:00 am PDT

Why has lambo sold out? If i wanted to be a ferraritard i would go get me all the ferrari stickered crap thats why i became a lambo fan oh no! now people will call us lambotards!

23rd April, 2012 @ 03:54 am PDT

Hmmm, so let's say your an even slightly enthusiastic long before you wear out the tacky looking 'airbrushed' bar grips? Doubt your local bike shop will carry spares of that; a lambo/BMC speciality with a price to match I would imagine. Also, I'll admit this is coming from a rank amateur, but the geometry looks a little aggressive to be good for much else apart from racing and I personally would rather risk my reputation with something that doesn't single me out as a cast-iron c**k.

Anyone notice that this thing is Fugly? My modest trek 1.5 with RS20s looks better than this.

Luke George
23rd April, 2012 @ 07:58 am PDT

I am very happy with my Cervelo R5ca. A real hand-built frame, and at 11.5 lbs, one of the lightest out there. The BBRight guarantees minimal flex and the bike climbs like a banshee. There is real innovation with this Cervelo as the frames are designed by actual engineers (structural, mechanical, aerodynamics) that are full-time Cervelo employees. Go to the Cervelo website and look at how they put strain gages all over a R3 and collected stress data. Many miles and 12 months later, the data collected was used to calculate where the real stresses were in a frame. This is real innovation! Most other frames, including the BMC are designed by industrial designers, then given to an engineer to make sure it is structurally sound so there is no innovation with this IMPEC.

As for Ferrari, as I understand it, they actually produce the carbon fiber tubing for Ernesto Colnago, hence the annual tribute bike from Colnago to Ferrari. Being that the Colnagos are lugged frames, I am guessing that Colnago just glues the frames together now?

23rd April, 2012 @ 09:53 am PDT
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