Lamborghini announces carbon fiber bag collection


August 28, 2011

Lamborghini has taken the next logical step in its development  of carbon fiber by launching a line of bags

Lamborghini has taken the next logical step in its development of carbon fiber by launching a line of bags

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A formidable strength-to-weight ratio combined with properties like high temperature tolerance have seen carbon fiber used in the construction of airplanes, bicycles, yachts, automobiles and now ... err, bags. Lamborghini, a company that has invested heavily in the development of carbon fiber reinforced plastics (CFRP) for supercars like the Aventador and Sesto Elemento concept, has just announced a line of carbon fiber bags.

Lamborghini, which says its use of carbon fiber in its un-stiffened cloth form is a first for fashion accessories, will launch the handmade collection of unisex bags in coming months through car dealerships and boutique stores around the world as well as though its online store, but there's no word on pricing as yet.

The bags come in three styles - a 20 x 9 x 11 inch Travel bag, a 15 x 4 x 12 inch Messenger bag and a 13 x 12 inch Envelope-style bag designed for carrying notebooks. Along with carbon fiber, the bags feature hand-stitched leather, galvanized brass accessories, hand-mounted studs and cotton lining.

Lamborghini's carbon fiber Sesto Elemento concept

This isn't the first time that the Lamborghini badge has adorned products that don't have four wheels with the company also lending its name to laptops and hard drives.


"with properties like high temperature tolerance" in most cases CFRP can't handle more than 200C. The resin, often epoxy, degrades at only 100-200C, there exist resin systems that top that, going almost to 400*C, but they are hard to process and are exclusively used in aerospace applications.

Gizmag you're right regarding the formidable strength-to-weight ratio, but please do a little research before making such claims like the high temperature tolerance.

(to be fair carbonfiber-carbon, as used i brake discs for formula 1/ airplanes/ spacecraft heat shield, is temperature tolerant to 3000*C. but that not what this is about, and besides that Lamborghini and other road-car makers don't use carbon-carbon for brakes but another type of CMC (ceramic matrix composite))

"Lamborghini, which says its use of carbon fiber in its un-stiffened cloth form is a first for fashion accessories" that's simply not true! I have seen several bags and covers with the same tasteless use of carbon fiber cloth.

and on a side note: damn those bags are tasteless! just like the Lamborghini laptops ect.. they should stick to making cars, and stop devaluating the brand.




yes Jasper and SamD, I find the entire idea rather distasteful, useless, consumption because you can is most gross and those who buy it should be condemned into driving the Flatmobile for life

Bill Bennett

Mmm the STRUCTURAL properties of the bags may indeed make them worthwhile as devices to carry stuff around in.

A backpack might be a very good thing.

But I see \"fashion tragics\" wearing and using brand name gear.. and to be sure well made gear is - to some extent worth it, but having 10 units of value in material, 5 units of labour, 5 units of distribution costs, and 500 units of \"Brand Name\" inflation stacked on top....

I am not so sure that \"brand name\" and \"image\" tend to make for especially good use of ones time and resources.

Personally - while the relative merits of the material may be very suitable for baggage, I think the fun and adventure of recycling from the thrift shop or the opportunity shop - or buying some material, and making a bag for yourself and a few friends - with your kids and friends by your side, may indeed be a greater investment, than hanging \"I am stupid with my money\" labels all over yourself.

Mr Stiffy
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