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Most outrageous Lamborghini yet at Geneva Motor Show


March 6, 2012

The most outrageous Lamborghini yet, the Aventador J, will be shown at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show

The most outrageous Lamborghini yet, the Aventador J, will be shown at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show

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We know the designers at Lamborghini are a bit unhinged. It's always been a pre-requisite for working there. Since the takeover by Volkswagen, their mad creations at least work properly, and with the Aventador Lamborghini has been pushing the engineering envelope in material science and engine design. At this year's Geneva Motor Show, the automaker unveils its maddest "fighter-aircraft-for-the-road" variant yet, the Aventador J.

At first glance it may look like Lambo has simply lopped off the roof and windshield of the already impossibly-low standard Aventador LP 700-4, but in fact much of the bodywork is new. The roll-over cages have a hint of the KTM X-Bow or even the McLaren Stirling Moss of a few years back, but at 1110 millimeters (44 in) to the top of the roll-over hoops, this is one ground-hugging vehicle.

Thoughtfully, the satnav and aircon systems have been removed to further save weight - it's highly unlikely you will have time to glance at a satnav screen while driving this thing, and a supply of fresh air to the cockpit is not going to be a problem. Lamborghini has even utilized a new form of lightweight carbon fiber fabric called "Carbonskin" with which to adorn the seats and interior surfaces.

The front of the vehicle is actually narrower than that of the regular Aventador and sports a full-width, and suitably spikey, splitter and air intake combo. An utterly pointless rear view mirror rises on a stalk from the front of the cockpit, and two small glass air-deflectors rise in front of the pilot and co-pilot seating. The striking rear haunches that house the stock 700 bhp Aventador 6.5 liter V12 are topped with a carbon-fiber wing and finished with a massive rear splitter and grill containing four chrome tailpipes. Wheels are aluminum with carbon wings to cool the brakes.

No performance figures are forthcoming from Sant'Agata but they are probably irrelevant. Acceleration will be insane and top speed will be limited only by your ability to maintain control with your obligatory helmet being mashed against the headrests by the wind. This vehicle is of course a billionaire's toy, designed for being looked at and the occasional very scary track day. It also gains Lamborghini development experience and a huge heap of publicity.

It might even point in the direction of a future Aventador production variant.

Now the bad news. The car you see here is the only one - ever, and it has already been bought for EUR2.1 million (US$2.75M). Life is deeply unfair.

Source: Lamborghini

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May I have one, please? Pretty please?

Christopher Porozny

Is it just me or has Lamborghini since the Countach been uglier than the one before.


But why..? Only race drivers have ability and skills to expoits its 700 BHP. For others this car is useless....

Jay Temkar

As dinosaurs go, it is not bad.

Mel Tisdale

@ Slowburn - maybe they aren't pretty, but this might be because they are designed with function as the primary consideration. If you want a pretty car then buy an MX5.

@Jay Temcar - "For others this car is useless.... ". Shouldn't that read, "For others this car is non-existent...." There is ony one of them. It is not going to be a production model, although some of what has been learned in the development of it may contribute to future Lamborghinis.


Let's pull a mould for a kitcar!


Just like smartphones are getting faster, dual core, then quad core, suddenly there are even more monster horsepower cars coming, just to keep the consumers glued and dollars ticking. However power and speed can increase, but not human reaction time. Soon these expensive vehicles will be coffins.

Dawar Saify

No matter what you say if this pulled up and parked next you, you wouldnt even see the obligatory leggy blonde inside. Yall hating cos you cant even imagine the lifestyle required to even try to buy one. I would buy one just to go buy a loaf of bread from the corner shop and watch yall complain. Let them eat cake, noblesse oblige and all that.

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