LaGrange L1 truck motorizes existing skateboards


October 1, 2012

The LaGrange L1 is a motorized skateboard truck that can be used to retrofit existing non-powered skateboards

The LaGrange L1 is a motorized skateboard truck that can be used to retrofit existing non-powered skateboards

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With the current surging popularity of electric bicycles, it only makes sense that we’re seeing an increase in something else getting motorized – the skateboard. Just in the past couple of years, Gizmag has featured electric boards such as the Fiik, Gnarboard, ZBoard, LiquidRoam, and the Boosted Board. While all of those come as complete skateboards, Florida-based RedRock Boardshop is offering something a little different – the powered LaGrange L1 truck, that turns any board into an electric vehicle.

Users can replace one of the existing trucks on their board with an L1, or they can incorporate one into a board assembled from scratch.

The truck itself has a built-in 3,200-watt (4.3 hp) brushless motor and an electronic speed controller, which are powered by a 10 amp-hour rechargeable battery pack. While individual do-it-yourselfers are free to install that battery wherever they want, the idea is that it will be carried in a backpack worn by the rider, with a power cable running from the pack to the motor – a quick-release disconnect allows them to separate in emergencies.

Perhaps not the most elegant of setups, but the designers’ intent is to keep the board’s weight and handling as close to normal as possible, while also allowing riders to switch between multiple batteries if needed.

The rider controls their speed using a Spektrum DX2E hand-held wireless remote controller, which is usually used for things like radio-controlled cars and boats.

For people who don’t want to mess with augmenting an existing board with one of the trucks, ready-to-roll complete L1-equipped electric skateboards can also be ordered. These boards can reportedly handle riders weighing up to 200 pounds (90 kg), reach a top speed of over 20 mph (32 km/h), and travel about 10 to 15 miles (16 to 24 km) on one charge.

RedRock is currently raising production funds for the L1, on Kickstarter. A pledge of US$950 will get you everything needed to motorize an existing board, when and if the funding goal is met. Complete skateboards start at a pledge level of of $1,188.

More information is available in the pitch video below.

Source: Kickstarter

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Is anyone else wondering how a motor that size puts out 4.3 hp? It might draw 3,200 watts, which converts to about that hp, but with that gearing and the weight it's pulling, it would burst into flames before it put out 4.3 hp. If RedRock Boardshop would like to prove me wrong they should post some dyno tests.

Dennis Roberts
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