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LaCie LaPlug converts USB drive into a network storage device


October 3, 2011

LaCie has unveiled a local network-based bridge unit called the LaPlug, that allows users ...

LaCie has unveiled a local network-based bridge unit called the LaPlug, that allows users to share any USB-powered storage drive over a local network

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LaCie has unveiled a local network-based bridge unit called the LaPlug, that allows users to share any USB-powered storage drive over a local network. It also enables the sharing of private files outside the LAN through an external address, and the wireless streaming of files to UPnP/DLNA-certified products such as gaming consoles, LaCinema Classic HD, or any other compatible equipment.

Bringing to mind such devices as the IOGEAR Sharing Station or Pogoplug Mobile, the LaCie LaPlug requires a connection to an existing local network, which allows users to share all drives or printers plugged into the LaPlug's four USB 2.0 ports over the (W)LAN. Both Gigabit Ethernet and WiFi b/g/n (client mode) are supported. Accessing USB drives connected to the LaPlug remotely from outside of the local network is also possible (utilizing a custom web address), although this requires users to establish a free account within the DynDNS platform, according to LaCie's tutorial.

UPnP/DLNA-certified products including PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, LaCinema Classic HD multimedia hard drive, as well as DLNA-enabled smartphones or tablets are supported by the LaPlug. The device is compatible with iTunes and Windows Media Player, for automatic LaPlug-shared files streaming on these programs. The unit also serves as wireless backup solution, as it comes with backup software for PC and Mac OS X's Time Machine.

The LaCie LaPlug retails for US$74.99 and is available now via LaCie's website.


Cut the wires

George McGregor Wilson
3rd October, 2011 @ 05:56 pm PDT

@George... Forget about cutting the wire cie or la plug, I thought since the past external drive I bought from la cie was o.k. that this would make a good NASA server, instead this thing is a disaster.

I am an Electronic Engineer I mention this to point out that the design simply is lacking proper planning. What do I mean to start $99.00 which is what this costs after shipping is too much to pay for something that does not work.

Does not boot correctly, does not have ability to deliver as advertised only has one user name & password, does not turn off with power switch must be unplugged... Maybe that is where they came up with the name?

I bought one of these La Plugs from la cie since I bought an external drive from them some years , this thing does not boot up half the time, does not recognize its own harddrives, does not update to its own firmware, does not have more than one user name and password, does not turn off with the button must be unplugged.

This is only the beginning, the shipping on this thing is $15.00 I sent it back to them over a week ago they 1st said refund in days now 3-4wks~!

This is how la cie thinks about customers, 1st they sell a half baked product then when returned they lie about refund all they have to do is a simple key in refund instead they want to have me wait a month while they're junk has already been returned to sell to the next unfortunate yet good intentioned customer so that new/old customer has to go thru the same thing....

Do not buy this send $20.00 more for Extremer nas brand or any other as this is just garbage.

Christian Kepler
3rd November, 2011 @ 12:13 am PDT
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