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The Labyrinth Aquarium - we're a bit lost


November 9, 2009

The Labyrinth Aquarium can be used with or without a stand

The Labyrinth Aquarium can be used with or without a stand

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We’ve shown you the washbasin aquarium, a fish-n-flush toilet and some designer wall-mounted fish tanks. Now there's the Labyrinth Aquarium - a maze of interconnecting aquarium bowls with which to confuse your fishy friends and bemuse your human ones.

Looking like a giant science experiment, the Labyrinth Aquarium is made from Lucite acrylic aquarium bowls and is suitable for tropical freshwater fish. The optional stand conceals the electrical equipment for the filtration and lighting components. It features powder coated aluminum legs and is available in cherry, black or carbon fiber.

Beneath the black central hoods are three donut-shaped lights which include programmable timer plugs.

This novel piece of glassware will set you back a whopping US$6,500, and although the fish might appreciate the fact that there's more places to hide, we wouldn't like to be the ones cleaning this tank after the algae starts to grow.

The Labyrinth Aquarium is available from Opulent Items.

Via Apartment Therapy Unplggd.


Very cool

Facebook User
12th March, 2010 @ 02:31 pm PST

The final point could be fixed by having algae-eating fish (i.e. plecostomus) mixed in.

12th January, 2012 @ 09:57 pm PST
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