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L5 Remote turns your iPhone/touch into a universal remote


January 5, 2010

In this age of HDTVs, home theaters, game consoles and media streamers, you're likely to have a growing collection of remotes in your living room, and regularly battle the issues that arise with such a collection. Inconsistent designs, missing battery covers, a myriad rechargeable AA batteries, a significant other who still can't figure out how to play a DVD, and our favorite - not being able to find the remote for the TV. Logitech's Harmony series of universal remotes are one answer to the problem, but L5 Technology has a promising device that will turn an iPhone or iPod touch into a customizable universal remote for just US$50.

The small dongle plugs into the docking port on the bottom of your iPhone, offering a 30-foot range. A free app downloaded from the App Store will allow you to drag and drop controls to create your own customized remote for all your devices, and guide you through the process of programming the remote to control them.

The only catch I can see is that like Logitech's Harmony remotes, the L5 won't work with a PlayStation 3 out of the box, thanks to Sony's decision to use Bluetooth in preference of infrared.

The L5 Remote will be available for purchase in February from www.l5remote.com and retailers.

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