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August 23, 2011

The Kuchofuku Air-Conditioned Cooling Work Shirt features two built-in cooling fans

The Kuchofuku Air-Conditioned Cooling Work Shirt features two built-in cooling fans

Last year we took a look at the EntroSys Motorcycle Air Conditioning system, which is a vest that's designed to blow cooling air across the torsos of leather-jacket-clad bikers. While the EntroSys needs to be attached to a bike-mounted air conditioning unit, there are doubtless many sweltering people who would appreciate a similar but more mobile garment, that they could wear while walking around or working outside. Well, needless to say, there is one - it's the Kuchofuku Air-Conditioned Cooling Work Shirt.

The shirt features two fans which run at high or low speeds, as selected on a back-mounted control box (we're assuming that's where the fans are mounted, too). Air circulation is 20 liters (5.28 US gallons) per second at high, and 12 liters (3.17 US gallons) per second at low. Everything is powered by two AA batteries, although no run times are listed.

Kuchofuku also makes beds, seat cushions and mats with built-in fans.

The garment itself is made from polyester, is available only in dark grey, comes in four sizes, and weighs about 550 grams (19.4 oz) - presumably the fans and control box detach for washing. It can be purchased online from Japan Trend Shop, for US$186.

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IMO; it is a great way to keep ones cool while being a very hot enviroment. :) I think it is very clever but the price might be a little high (for me anyway). ;)


Probably around 7 hours. Most small fans draw about 100mA. So assuming alkaline AAs at 1500mAH with 2 fans. That is ~200mA or ~7 hours. But the fans will slowly reduce in speed over that time. So the claims of 20litres can only be for alkaline fresh batteries and in the first 30mins of use.

I give them maybe real-world 4hours running time?

Stuart Halliday

The Japanese are renowned for wacky inventions! How about fitting a solar panel on the back? It is a lot of money to pay, just to keep cool


Hmmm, so why no pictures of this gizmo-garment from a rear perspective? Could it be that the fan/motor/battery/switch unit is a tad large or bulky? How about more research into improved \'wicking\' fabrics that draw moisture away from the skin and cool evaporatively?

Nick Herbert

I wonder how many cubic meters of air per SECOND pass thru my shirt when I\'m doin\' 70 mph. This gizmo says it moves 20 liters per HOUR...looks like two computer fans! Fer 186 buck$!! I gotta take a pass...

Now if it kept my shirt WET...


I designed a similar device about 7 years ago, I just never made a prototype. - The SBA types and venture capitalists etc. didn't get very excited about it or I would have had it on the market 5 years ago. Mine can be used on multiple garments and in various conditions. Now the membrane in the bullet proof vest that just came out of Switzerland, that is a great design!

Scott Sanderson
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