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Krunk removable surfboard fins - no tools required


March 2, 2010

The Krunk Fin System - removable fins that don't rely on you remembering where you left your screwdriver

The Krunk Fin System - removable fins that don't rely on you remembering where you left your screwdriver

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According to Gerhard Tevini from Krunk Surfing in Austria, surfers know the scenario all too well – the fins of your surfboard have to be screwed off when traveling or on the way to the waves. You hear the surf conditions are ideal so you race to the beach only to discover that you can’t find your screwdriver to attach your fins. Everyone else is in the water enjoying the best surf in a long time while you sit on the beach. So Tevini – with his engineering background – set about creating the Krunk Fin System (KFS), a tool-less system for attaching fins to a board.

Tevini says it takes seconds to install the fins using his system and they won’t come off in the surf. The Krunk fins are just as easily demounted, too, again without the need for a screwdriver or special tool.

The fin system is designed to be foolproof. Insert a fin into an empty slot on the underside of the board, pressing against the spring force of pin. Then slide the fin towards the rear of the board until the pin clicks in the ride position. To remove a fin, open the KFS-plug on the board’s deck. Lift up the pin with the cable attached to the spring, keeping it pulled tight. Move the fin forward and take it out. Release the KFS plug and press it into the slot on the deck.

Krunk Surfing also has a board bag with fin storage pockets built in. Yet to go into production, the KFS details and pricing, etc, should appear on the Kurnk website soon.

Tevini demonstrates the KFS in his video below.

Krunk was one of a number of finalists in this year's ISPO BrandNew Award 2010.

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These guy need marketing. A little extra light and a close up. Less music. More show me \'da fins!

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