Fire tinder, flint, fish hook, and fishing line are all tucked into the KODIAK survival wristband


May 10, 2013

The KODIAK is a Paracord wristband that contains four outdoor survival tools

The KODIAK is a Paracord wristband that contains four outdoor survival tools

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For anyone who ventures deep into the great outdoors, it's possible that a real life-or-death survival situation could occur. A new product called the KODIAK is a wristband designed for people who may be faced with such a situation, as it comes with the tools needed to fish and start a fire.

A similar product called the Flint and Steel has a similar design philosophy, but the KODIAK comes with a couple of extra features that will most certainly come in handy.

The KODIAK includes four basic survival tools – the flint, the tinder, the fish hook, and the braided fishing line. Each of these is contained within the Paracord braid, which is commonly used on most survival bracelets of this sort.

Most Paracord braids can be used for fishing, as the nylon material inside will do the job, but fishing generally requires a hook, which is why the creators tucked one within the bracelet for easy access. While it will obviously not function as well as a fishing pole, in a critical situation, the ability to catch fish can mean the difference between eating and starving.

The tinder is also tucked within the braid, so it can be pulled out and used to start a fire at any time. The plastic buckle that holds the wristband together is made to function as a flint, which will provide the spark required to make the timber go up in flames.

Outdoor Elements, the creator of the KODIAK, tested the product extensively in actual outdoor situations before launching the product on Kickstarter. The company wanted to make sure that if someone were actually stranded with the product, they would be able to catch fish and start a fire. Based on the Kickstarter pitch video, (which you will find at the bottom of this post), the testing appears to be a success.

The wristband is in the middle of its funding period on Kickstarter. As of this writing, the product has claimed a little over US$18,000 of its $52,250 goal. The minimum pledge required to grab a KODIAK is currently $30, but that is only available for a limited time. After that, the required pledge will go up to $35.

Source: Outdoor Elements, Kickstarter

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Another brilliant idea using paracord! I've seen various belts, hatbands etc, and now another bracelet. They all suffer from the same flaw, however - Once (if) rescued, what does one do with the now unravelled and unwoven paracord? Perhaps a return postage voucher could be included in the original box, so users could send it back - with obligatory testimonial - for reweaving?

The Skud

Skud, I think that is a good idea. It might make it cost a little more but it might be worth it if reuses it. I think it is a great survival idea that also looks great on the wrist.


Skud, or you could just learn how to tie the bracelet...


How long is the line and what is its tensile strength?


I think one of those strap companies will give you a new one if you send in a photo of how you used the first one. Can't remember the name.

Joe F

A little fact-checking before posting article: The buckle isn't new, it's the same as WAZOO Firestorm. The multi paracord is similar to Sgt. Knot Jute survival cord. Gizmag is usually on the money but I searched for "firestarter paracord jute" and it was on he first page.

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