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Knife Block eliminates germs


December 30, 2008

Knife Block eliminates germs

Knife Block eliminates germs

December 31, 2008 Knives are an essential part of any kitchen - germs aren't. This sanitary knife block promises a high level of protection against cross-contamination by using UV-C light technology to sterilize your blades, getting rid of 99.99% of food bacteria and viruses in a process that takes just 20 seconds.

The device works by drying and sterilizing rinsed cutlery once it's placed in the block and can be set-up to operate automatically every three hours or as soon as the knives are inserted.

The plastic block caters for five knives up to 8 3/4" long and also has a wider slot for kitchen shears or a honing steel.

This salmonella safety net is currently available from Hammacher Schlemmer for USD$39.95.

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Because the handles of the knives remain outside of the sterilizing area I say that this device is worse than a failure: it gives the user a false sense of cleanliness: is everyone pretending that hands and handles are sterile?

Why don't the inventors just re-design it so that you put the entire knife inside the ultra-violet sterilizer?

2nd January, 2009 @ 08:11 am PST

oldpecan, unless you cut your food with the handle of your knives, I don't see that sterilizing the handle is necessary.

12th February, 2009 @ 09:47 pm PST
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